RiseAngle Prepares to Launch Gen 2 of Their Unique NFT Membership

RAM Gen 2 is the next iteration of an NFT membership  RiseAngle calls “the future of NFT memberships” 

RiseAngle, Inc. is getting ready to introduce the next iteration in their NFT collection offerings via RAM Gen 2. The new membership is available as an NFT token in similar fashion to its Gen 1 predecessor. Upcoming Gen 2 holders will get access to a wide variety of unique and useful NFTs from collections created by RiseAngle and their partners. 

RiseAngle, mostly known as the makers of the popular VR game World of Mazes, is aiming to tightly integrate the NFT collections they plan to offer with the games they have available. Some of the NFTs that are going to become available with the membership will be the key to unlocking game content for further exploration and richer experiences. This next phase of collections and collaborations further solidify their attempts to align with the current trend of integrating the blockchain with the metaverse.

So How Does This Work Exactly?

The membership in itself will be minted as a RAM Gen 2 token from RiseAngle’s website directly to your wallet. Once minted, the token holder will gain reserved access to one collection per month introduced by the RiseAngle team every single month for the next 12 months. 

The membership is completely transferrable due to the inherent nature of the NFT it’s associated with; the holder can continue to hold it or trade it away. When purchasing a RAM NFT second hand from the OpenSea or another NFT marketplace, you’re purchasing however many months there are left to redeem in the membership. For example, if the previous RAM NFT holder already minted 2 NFTs from 2 RAM collections, your RAM NFT is eligible to mint from 10 remaining future collections.

Each month the token holders will get notified of the collection they’re being granted access to. From within the official RiseAngle Discord, it’s been revealed that the NFT mints members will have access to will include digital comic books, collectible 3D/2D art, and access to a myriad of goodies that may have utility within their NFT Games Metaverse, like unlocking exclusive maze worlds, mini games, and hidden stories.

The NFTs that members mint will also be transferable at the holder’s discretion. Members can choose to hold the NFTs they procure as part of their membership or they can sell or trade them in an NFT marketplace. 

Do I Need an NFT Membership?

With the advent of NFTs we’ve seen indie artists and those who may not have had much of a platform pave a way for themselves. We’ve seen several multimillion dollar sales of people’s unique work and have watched an industry grow from super niche to mainstream. With all of this tremendous growth comes the dirt and grime that is fraud and crime. 

For every remotely popular (most of the time not even successful) NFT project or collection, there are 2-3 fraudulent projects that have been created and creatively marketed to quickly attract large groups of people for the sole purpose of “‘rugging’ them. It’s a practice that has grown rampant in the NFT community and has created a distrust for newcomers entering the space.

RiseAngle seeks to combat the rising concerns with security and the integrity of the community by carefully curating the collections and collaborations being offered. Kaveh Vahdat, CEO of RiseAngle, tweeted recently: 

“For an individual, it’s hard to follow a lot of NFT projects and vet what’s cool in the NFT world, but a professional company can do just that.”

For avid gamers who want confidence in the NFTs they’re purchasing and expect the creator to have a long-term vision and approach with their NFTs having utility potential in the games or metaverse in the future, this proves to be a rather compelling argument for the game maker to continue building on its NFT membership program.

RiseAngle’s business model is shaping up to offer a rather valuable product by being able to offer NFT mints from a combination of different assets that users love to own including randomly generated NFTs and NFTs with utility.

When Can We Expect RAM Gen 2?

The first collection to be offered as a part of the RAM Gen 2 membership is said to commence in about a month after the primary sale of RAM NFT Gen 2 is closed. 

While there appears to be a shiny new “Mint RAM Gen 2” button on RiseAngle’s website homepage; it also has a padlock icon on it, indicating mint is not yet open. Clicking the button doesn’t reveal any hidden mint page that triggers your wallet either.

We’ve been able to find RAM NFT membership tokens from Gen 1 minted as far back as 2 months ago; however, there is still little information to indicate when we can expect RAM Gen 2 tokens to be open for mint.

Along with the expected mint opening date, we’re also left to speculate about the total supply and final cost.

What Do I Do Now?

If this is your first foray into NFTs and you’re not sure where to begin, there are some things you should go through that are fundamental to participating in the membership; such as creating a wallet and purchasing enough ETH to cover the purchase and ‘gas’. You should also get comfortable reading through transactions before signing them to avoid unauthorized access to your wallet.

For those who are familiar with how to manage their personal wallet; many would consider it a great time to make purchases or stock up, given the current price of ether. 

We were able to track down listings for RAM Gen 1 on OpenSea for as little as 0.08 ETH at the time of this writing. For those interested in getting access to even more NFT drops and content, you can gain access to that membership right now and start claiming content as soon as the next drop.

Getting In The Game

NFT memberships seem to be appearing in different forms but with a similar theme: curate a targeted selection of collections that will consistently provide added value through the life of the membership.

With upcoming projects like Steve Aoki’s A0k1VERSE and existing projects like Nativz Key, we’re starting to see NFT memberships gain popularity among collectors who value content created exclusively for them. 

Now that we’ve got some competition in the market, we’re excited to see what RiseAngle has planned for us. 

Have you heard of any notable NFT memberships worth looking at? Do you plan on becoming a RAM Gen 2 holder?

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