3 Risks and Rewards of Investing in Bitcoin

We are entering into a digital world, and so are our finances. The latest on the block is Bitcoin, a digital currency where you can transfer your money quickly without the aid of a Bank. It is a type of investment where there is no physical cash.

You have to purchase a bitcoin of whatever value it is as the price is determined according to its market value. You can even buy a fraction of a bitcoin and store it in your digital wallet. It is one of the safest methods to transact money over the internet.

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Safe and Secure

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of Bitcoin. People are turning towards investing in Bitcoin as it is safe and easy to transact. Once you purchase a bitcoin, you will get a private key, without which you will not be allowed to access the currency.

The safest way to store your bitcoin is a Cold wallet as it is not connected to the internet, and you can keep it offline.

However, with the advancement of digital technology, there is also an increase in hacking events. So, if you are not careful, your private key can be stolen by hackers, and ultimately you will lose everything.

A Wise Decision

Everything that we use in daily life has its pros and cons. It depends on how you use it in the long run. Money is an essential part of our life, and hence you must ensure that you must store it safely and use it wisely.

If you want to invest your money in Bitcoin, you must thoroughly study its uses as it has certain risks and rewards. Many crypto first publications like The Money Mongers, Coin Telegraph post about lot of Crypto educational content for people to learn about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

The most common 3 Risks in investing in Bitcoin are as follows:

  • Protection to the Consumers

When you invest in Bitcoin, you must understand that you are at risk as Bitcoin does not give consumer protection. There is no third party involved like a Bank who can act as a guarantor to ensure the safety of your money.

There is a lot of risk during the transaction because if my mistake fails, you have to convince your heart to return it or be sure that you are at a loss.

  • Negligence

There is always a certain proportion of risk involved in any investment. Hence you have to be careful while investing in bitcoin as it is vulnerable to a lot of risk and uncertainty.

The digital world is thronging with hackers who are constantly on a strict vigil. They will attack you when you become careless, particularly with your private key, which is the heavenly gate to their success. You may also face an involuntary situation when your hard drive crashes, leaving you in distress as you lose access to the private key.

  • Regulation of Currency

The regulation of currency depends according to the laws of the respective countries. Since there is no particular system regulating the transaction of Bitcoin, you may fall prey to fraud. Therefore, though Bitcoin is an easy way to transact your money, it has risks as government regulations do not control it.  Though government regulations on crypto exchanges all around the globe is increasing but it will take sometime to be sure how it plays out.

The following are the 3 Rewards you will enjoy if you invest in Bitcoin:

  • A surge in price

If you want to invest your money and get a reasonable return, you must invest in Bitcoin. It is because the value of bitcoin depends upon the increase in demand in the number of users. With time, investors are turning towards investing in bitcoin as money transactions have become easy and fast.

  • Learning is easy and fast

Investing in Bitcoin is easy as you do not need prior investment knowledge. It is better than traditional investment, where you need to understand the market trend and make a detailed study before putting your foot forward.

  • Authority

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market, but Bitcoin has proven to be the best among them. It is a security company where you can rely on its ability. Moreover, since it is a public currency, it has risen to the top and has become popular.


If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you must understand its risks also as every coin have two sides. No Investment is risk-free, and Bitcoin is no such exception. If you are careless with your transactions, you are bound to face the ax. Hence you have to be careful with your transactions while using Bitcoin. However, if you can protect your money and use it safely, it will lead to a win-win situation.

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