Roaming Charges When Traveling Abroad

When traveling abroad, using your mobile phone can result in costly roaming charges. The cost of roaming charges varies by country, with some countries being more expensive than others. This article focuses on the countries where roaming charges are highest for UK travelers.

High roaming charges can be a cause of stress and concern for many business travelers, as there is always the fear that simply by using their mobile phone for usual business purposes, can be leading to prohibitively high charges that are usually only apparent on returning from international travel.

Countries that have some of the highest roaming charges:

Japan is one of the most expensive countries for roaming charges, with some providers charging up to £5.00 per MB of data. 

South Korea is another country where data charges can quickly add up, with charges of over £4.00 per MB of data. 

The USA and Canada are also popular destinations for UK travelers but are known for having some of the most expensive roaming charges, often exceeding £2.00 per MB of data.

China and Australia also have high roaming charges, with rates exceeding £2.00 and £1.50 per MB of data, respectively. 

Switzerland is another country where data charges can be high, with an average of £0.50p per MB. 

New Zealand is also on the list, with daily rates of around £5.00 per day or more for data during a long visit.

Finally, the United Arab Emirates is a popular destination for UK travelers, but it is also one of the most expensive for roaming charges. Typical charges are over £5.00 per MB of data.

It’s important to note that these prices are based on data roaming charges only, and additional charges may apply for voice and text. Before traveling, it’s always a good idea to check with your mobile phone provider to understand the cost of roaming charges and any other fees that may apply. 

Being aware of the countries with the highest roaming charges can help UK travelers avoid unexpected bills. Business travelers are often unaware that different countries and regions have differing roaming tariffs and this can be a cause of the confusion and mobile users paying high roaming charges.

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As the summary of countries above demonstrates, international roaming charges can be expensive and can quickly add up, especially for business users with data heavy mobile applications that require significant data use.

We hope that you have found this short article informative and that it helps you plan your upcoming business travel planning. It is always a good idea to look into your likely costs before traveling to regions that you may be unfamiliar with.


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