Features You Should Prefer in Roofing Estimate Software

As in the case with every industry, digital tools can also help roofing companies run and grow their business at optimal levels. Roofing estimate software is an end-to-end solution for both takeoff and estimating. Here is a list of features you should prefer in the roofing software program.

Capture Photos On-Site

In roofing, photos deliver an important message about your work performance. A roofing company knows the values of good photographs in showing the quality of their work. The software should allow the capturing of photos on-site and upload them to the project folder. This will enable the stakeholders to have an idea about the project’s progress and the quality of the work.

Prepare Estimates and Invoices

Project estimates and invoicing are essential business processes for every company. The software should have integrated modules that will help roofing companies to prepare estimates and invoices with a click of a button.

Aerial Measurements

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Aerial data can help roofing contractors minimize risks by obtaining details of dimensions, slopes, and insights without setting foot on the roof. The roofing estimate software should have a dedicated module for aerial measurements. Another option is the software should allow integrations with software like EagleView that allows aerial measurements of the job with few clicks.

Capture Leads

Capturing leads is vital to growing your roofing business. The software should allow the addition of leads from all connected devices and sync the leads across the platform. Following up on these leads can result in enormous sales growth.

The roofing CRM software can help the sales team follow up on the leads through call, text, or email. This ensures no leads will fall through the cracks due to following up delays. It also provides you never lose a chance to convert a lead into an opportunity.

Manage Appointments and Tasks

Effective appointment and task management can reduce no-shows and result in a high conversion rate. The roofing software should allow the scheduling of entire teams based on the managers’ work priorities. The software should send text and reminders to team members so that they never miss appointments. This is easy to communicate with the team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Track Jobs

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Source: https://www.jobnimbus.com/roofing-software/

Tracking jobs is essential for every roofing business to ensure everything is on the right path to success. The roofing software gives time estimated for every roofing task and keeps track of the job on the timeline. If any project is delayed, it sends alerts to update managers about job progress. Based on the project’s complexity, the manager can decide the splitting of tasks to speed up work and ensure the project is finished within its deadline.

Intuitive Reporting

Reporting is an important aspect of the roofing business. There are several reports like inspection reports, maintenance reports, job progress reports, and many more. The CRM software should allow customized report generation to help get insights into all projects and their progress. This will enable managers to introspect and make changes to the workflow to improve the teams’ efficiency.

Roofing software is as good as its features. It is necessary the software you choose is easy to use and has all features integrated that will give you a holistic outlook of your roofing business.

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