Ruby on Rails Development for a Drone Company

“Working with Rubyroid Labs developer doesn’t feel like outsourcing at all: we have a total impression of her actual presence here in our office in the USA.”

We are a drone service company from Santa Monica, California, and I am a Vice-President of engineering in it. In our work we were faced with a necessity of augmenting our existing engineering staff as we lacked resources and needed someone to join our team on a regular basis. We didn’t have any peculiar project in mind, what we wanted was an overall assistance in building products in general. In our search of such resources we found Rubyroid Labs, an outsourcing development company, which main expertise was writing code using Ruby on Rails.

Our collaboration with them started in 2018 and is still ongoing. After having examined our demands, Rubyroid Labs executives sourced multiple engineers for us to interview. Since we selected the resource, they have integrated her in our regular product development cycle. We have been working with one dedicated person from their side ever since.

The developer from Rubyroid Labs assigned for the job is focused exclusively in engineering and helps us in everything what we do, just like any other member of our team. She showed a skilled and prompt performance from the technical side. She is highly expertised, writes reusable and maintainable code, validates it with self-written tests and helps us literally with every product we are building. We consider her part of our crew, it is in our opinion the highest praise a professional can get. She even visited our office in Santa Monica for two weeks.

Technical competence is of course absolutely essential for the engineer, but it’s not the only thing to pay attention to. As we needed a professional who would join our team for a long period of time, it was very important for us that this resource would have background working in a fast-paced agile environment and motivation to move forward in a cross-functional team to guarantee the project meets business objectives and compliance standards. That’s exactly what we got: Rubyroid Labs engineer expresses genuine excitement about what we do, communicates responsibly and works as a teammate to help the cooperation go smoothly. We pay her about $7000 a month and her excellent work is totally worth it.

Another big benefit of working with Rubyroid Labs is their willingness to meet our working hours requirements. Due to the time zone difference, we have an overlap of about five hours a day in the morning. The developer even responds outside of the window of working hours. She is very flexible and goes beyond our set expectations.

We mostly interact through Slack, which we use to communicate and track the work process. We work with and assign projects to her just like we do internally. It’s like having her right here in our office in the USA, which is really convenient.

If we ever plan to expand our team, we are surely going to contact Rubyroid Labs for the resources, as they proved to be the top players in the field. We highly recommend them for fruitful and pleasant collaboration.