Rugged Computers – A Boon for Healthcare Industry

Every aspect of our life now involves computers. Things that were once large, hefty equipment are now portable gadgets. Nevertheless, not all computers are created equal. Regular portable computers, like tablets and smartphones, are only practical in some fields and settings. Rugged computers are what are needed in these conditions because they are a little more resilient.

You may use your rugged tablet all day long by quickly replacing the battery with fully charged one. Due to a small internal battery that provides the tablet only a few minutes of power, some rugged tablets even include a hot-swappable battery, which enables you to swap the battery while the tablet is still in use. Never again will you have to leave your tablet charging. Tablets that can withstand repeated use are made to last for many years. Let us look at the benefits and applications of rugged computers in healthcare.

Benefits of Rugged Computers in Healthcare

  • Days of pen and paper are over

The days of maintaining records on paper and with a pen are over. Some medical professionals still use paper patient records before transferring them to computers, but this takes a lot of time and might result in errors. The best way to collect patient information at the time of the appointment is by entering it directly into a computer. Rugged tablets are a great option for preserving electronic medical records since they are portable.

They also have a touchscreen and an on-screen or detachable keyboard to facilitate data entry. Rugged tablets can withstand drops that are inevitable. Additionally, they could be cleaned and sprayed between patient visits.

  • Waterproof tablets are great

The ability to use a waterproof tablet for medical purposes is really advantageous. Waterproof, fully sealed tablets can sometimes be submerged in a disinfectant or sprayed with a cleaning solution. Cleaning a consumer-grade tablet is far more difficult and likely requires meticulously wiping off the tablet and the case it is in. A consumer-grade tablet will undoubtedly exhibit indications of wear and damage before a robust tablet does if you need to sanitize your equipment frequently.

  • Greater speed means a better service

The doctor may view a patient’s current medicines, allergies, and medical history on a tough tablet. This makes it possible for the doctor to quickly write the right prescription, which is critical in an emergency. Barcode medication administration may be done using the built-in barcode scanners included on several rugged tablets.

The patient’s wristband, the nurse’s badge, medications, records, medical equipment, and other objects may all be scanned by barcode scanners. It is necessary to transport a two-piece system or medical cart from room to room because the majority of PCs and tablets lack barcode scanners. A barcode scanner, RFID, camera, and other accessories may be included inside a rugged tablet to improve ergonomics.


Without rugged computers, many modern industries could not run. These computers are required for any fieldwork involving computers. The same is valid for tough computers designed for healthcare applications. Rugged computers are clearly more specialized and optimized when compared to commercial-grade computers. Such comparisons also highlight the significance of modern specialized computer systems.