5 Rules for Effective Business Cards

People think business cards are old-school and outdated, but the truth is that business cards still hold a significant amount of importance. With technological advancement, business cards and their distribution have become advanced too. Now an online business card shop can get your business card delivered at your doorstep.

In this post, we’re going to cover the eight rules of effective business cards. In order to benefit your business with a business card, it needs more than your name and information. There are many ways you can utilize a little card space in terms of information sharing and design to make your card stand out.

An attractive and unique business card draws the attention of prospects, which can help you network effectively. With that being said, let’s get straight to the simple five rules that make your business card more effective.

  1. Add only the most essential information

Your business card should not be overfilled with your business details. Don’t forget it’s your business card, not your PowerPoint presentation, so please refrain from overloading the information.

Include essential information about your business. Information that you think can pique the interest of the recipients. Try to use this selected information in the best way possible.

What makes your business cards appealing is your socials information. Try to put it in the reduced font so it doesn’t take the whole space and to give it a fascinating look. Ensure there is not too much text, as you will lose the client’s interest to keep your card. Only add relevant and valid information.

  1. Ensure your business card legibility

Going all in style is good, but while doing that, you shouldn’t hurt the functionality of your business card. You need to make sure that your recipients don’t struggle to read your card at a glance. Use the appropriate size and type font, not too big, not too small.

You can spice up your business card with the help of your business logo and its right placement. So, keep the text simple and let your logo do the extra job.

  1. Get them printed in High Quality from professional makers

The quality of your business cards has significant value as it represents your business. That’s why you must choose premium quality business cards and get them printed from professional card makers unless you have the commercial printing capabilities of making your own business cards.

But always let the professional do the job. You may think it will save you a little amount of money, but the impact of these cards wouldn’t be the same and they wouldn’t be professionally printed.

  1. Design your business card relevant to your audience

The relevance of business cards plays a significant role in attracting your clients and investors towards your business. So make sure to design as per your audience and businesses.

If you’re running multiple businesses of similar, then you can use the front for once business and back of the card of the other one. However, if you’ve two different businesses. For example, cleaning services and graphic designing services. You should get a cleaning business and graphic designing services business card separately as it can confuse the receipt if you display both in once card.

  1. Proper distribution of your business cards

The distribution of your business cards plays a crucial role in the card’s effectiveness on business potential and growth.

For that, you need to use the best distribution methods; we have listed the most effective ones below:

  • Send away your business card with every delivery

If you own any product or services business that includes home deliveries, it is the best way to increase your business potential by sending multiple cards with your shipments. It will not only work as a continuous reminder of your business but if the clients like your products, they can refer your company to others by handling business cards.

  • Networking Events

Networking events are the best places to distribute your business card. As there are many potential clients, customers, and investors whom you can introduce your business by exchanging cards. So try to exchange as many cards as possible and get more leads. Also, leave some cards at the reception so people can pick from there while passing by.

  • Affiliated Business Promotions-

Good relationships help your business to grow. You can make these relationships and attract more customers with the help of business cards. Find some business owners with similar goals and business offerings and ask them to refer your cards to their customers. In return, you can do the same, and both you can grow together.

By following these simple five rules, you can achieve the best results from your business card, which won’t any less than any latest digital marketing tool.

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