4 SaaS Growth Strategies That Will Increase Product Sales

What SaaS growth strategies are you using to increase product sales? Want to learn the best marketing strategies for your SaaS business growth? This article will walk you through the growth strategy processes that will help you grow your SaaS agency faster.

To convince consumers who already have a stable product, they are using to switch products is challenging. That’s because they are comfortable with what they have. So getting to decide to adapt to your brand can take months or years.

Moreover, users are not comfortable trying out new products; they prefer to hold on to what they have. For this reason, several startups fail in their quest to grow their online business. So, what SaaS SEO strategy can you apply to get more consumers to buy from you? What are the most helpful SaaS growth strategies that will improve your product sales?

4 Useful Growth Marketing Hacks to Improve SaaS Product Sales

While several growth marketing strategies can help scale your SaaS business, I have put together proven marketing tips or SaaS growth strategies that generate results. Implementing these marketing growth hacks will persuade users to do business with your brand, thereby increasing product sales.

1. Improve User Onboarding Experience

An insightful SaaS growth strategy for business involves improving consumer onboarding experience. This approach highlights the need for an intelligent user interface that focuses on optimizing user experience (UX).

Take into account that an intelligent user interface is a component of remarkable application software design. So, to increase product sales for your SaaS business, you should improve user onboarding experience to help you attract more buyers, and also retain existing customers.

For this, user onboarding is critical to the customer journey since it lets first-timers to experience the values and essence of your software product. But if you’re new to this business module, you may be wondering, what is user onboarding? Let us look at that a little, shall we?

What is User Onboarding?

User onboarding marketing strategy is the method of enhancing consumers’ experience with your product or services. It enables users to have success or the best experience using your product.

You can manually improve the user onboarding experience or automate the process using the right automation tools. This growth strategy marketing is so effective because it speaks directly to customers and guides them towards achieving their objectives with your product or service.

As stated earlier, an improved user onboarding mechanism enables you to draw in new users and boost customer retention. As an example, a SaaSFest Preso report on client retention shows how upgrading user onboarding experience can grow your customer base dramatically week-over-week.

SaaS growth strategies article - Image 1 - graph
Source graphic by Dan Wolchonok.

The graphic indicates how improvements in user onboarding (an adaptation of consumers into your business processes) increased customer retention to 75% in just one week. And if you move readily to week 10, marketers who implemented this growth strategy in business held a 25% retention rate, as against 15% retention held earlier.

Therefore, boost user onboarding experience for your SaaS product by adding new features and other relevant elements. These would enhance the user interface (UI), compel new customers to patronize your business, and improve sales. You can find user onboarding best practices here.

2. Enhance Your SaaS Product to Increase Sales

Enhancing user onboarding is essential, but you agree that in some instances, the reason for low sales is not with user onboarding, but the product or service. That is why enhancing your product is crucial to making more sales.

Product improvement is one of the best SaaS growth strategies for SaaS marketers since it lets you drive more traffic and boost sales. So, your product might be malfunctioning due to outdated features or other functionality issues.

As a result, consumers will stop using it and move on to your competitors. So the best way to tackle this problem is to evaluate your product to see areas of improvement regularly. No matter how insignificant the issue, work to improve it.

Also, look at your design interface, how attractive is it? Is it outdated? Does it scare users away? Examine your product well enough and make it better for consumers. Use the latest product design trends to encourage people to try it out and make purchases.

However, after examining your merchandise, you may not see any loopholes. At this point, it is vital to speak to existing clients and your target market. Ask them through surveys and polls what you must do to make the product or service better. Engage them on social media, forums,

and emails. You will gather valuable information that helps you improve your product and sales online.

3. Cite Your App Software In Blog Posts

Blogging is a remarkable growth strategy that improves brand awareness. As a growth strategy, it lets you develop and publish useful content that connects with your readers regularly. Other benefits of blogging for business include:

  • Blogging is low-cost
  • Drives organic web traffic and increase SEO search rankings
  • Generate leads
  • Increase direct sales
  • Build a community of loyal audience and attract eventual clients
  • Encourage quality inbound links
  • Build your brand authority
  • Blogging is top among other content types for in-depth materials

Also, when you consider the following blogging statistics, you will understand why citing your application software in blog posts should be a priority.

Blogging Statistics that Will Influence Your SaaS growth strategy:

  • 80% of online consumers interact with blog content.

Blogging is the most valuable digital marketing strategy for 59% of marketers.

SaaS growth strategies article - Image 2 - graph
Source graphic via Demand Metric.
  • Blogging accounts for over 430% increase in indexed pages.
  • Blogs are accountable for a 97% increase in indexed links.
  • Organizations that blog generate an average monthly lead of 67%, more than those that don’t blog.
  • 90% of all established organizations say they’re using content to market their products

With blogging, you attract new readers and retain existing audiences. Therefore, write blog posts on topics that relate to your SaaS product. Make your content convincing enough and cite your app in the material. When mentioning your product in blog posts, help readers to see how it can aid them in addressing pressing issues.

You can mention your product in blogs in three different ways:

  1. Create product reviews for your commodity
  2. Publish a step-by-step guide on how to use your product effectively.
  3. Mention your app software as a tool in relevant content.

However, use blogging best practices for optimal ROI. Your heading and introduction should be compelling to make readers click and stay on the page.

4. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing to Increase Product Sales

One of the best SaaS marketing growth strategies of all time is influencer marketing. Why is that so? Because influencers can drive targeted traffic to your website or product page, improve leads, and sales.

Influencer marketing is so effective because it is a modern word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers trust recommendations from credible people. In other words, buyers trust influencers. But why do consumers trust influencers? Good question!

Influencers have a better understanding of customer needs and offer helpful information that addresses those issues. Also, they create time to interact with your audience on different marketing channels. They are always available to provide insights about your product when needed.

In consequence, influencers build long-term relationships with consumers and gain their trust. That is why the search for influencer marketing has skyrocketed since 2015. The search has grown from a monthly search of 3,900 on Google to over 70,000 in 2019. That is a 1,500% increase in just three years.

Influencer marketing hub image - 3993
Source graphic via Influencer Marketing Hub.

Did you know? Research points out that every dollar you invest in influencer marketing will earn you a $6.50 ROI─an increase of 650% in revenue. Nonetheless, you might not know how to find the right influence for your project. You can use digital marketing tools for influencers to improve your SaaS marketing campaign.

So, invest in influencer marketing. Use this growth strategy as a marketing tool for scaling your SaaS business.

Wrap Up

I believe you have discovered some helpful tips you can start applying in your SaaS business to increase product adoption and sales. While there are several other ways to boost SaaS product sales, the four growth marketing strategies in this article will dramatically improve your business growth.

As a consequence, apply the tips and keep testing your performance to define areas that need improvement. Do you have some useful insights to add to this article? Your ideas will be appreciated in the comments!

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