Safest deposit methods at online casinos

While the online gambling industry is highly appealing, a couple of factors remain drawbacks. One of them is safety, which is naturally a valid concern when operating in the online space. Fortunately, players can mitigate this risk by simply going for the safest deposit methods. Find out how to stay above the scams, theft and hacking in online casinos. Discover all the credible payment channels and why they are safe.

The top 5 safest ways to deposit at online casinos

There are several secure payment channels available to online casinos, and each one comes with its pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown of some of the safest and best payment options and what they offer gamers.

  1. Virtual cards

This might not be the most popular option on the list, but it is one of the safest. Virtual cards are like the prepaid version of credit/debit cards. They are only valid for a designated period, after which they expire. The Visa virtual card is one of the most popular options and is widely accepted at most online casinos.

These virtual cards protect users from the risk of sharing bank details, as you would with physical bank cards. They do not require the creation of secondary accounts and can easily be purchased with a physical debit or credit card. The trade-off for the benefits of these virtual cards is that they last for only a short period. The max deposit amount is lower than most other payment channels, and virtual cards don’t allow withdrawals.

  1. Vouchers

Vouchers are another safe casino deposit method. This is another type of prepaid option that only holds a limited amount. Players can buy vouchers using cash at retail stores or online with their bank cards. Vouchers can be as inexpensive as $10, and you can also find those worth up to $200 or $250.

Each voucher comes with a seven-digit PIN code. You will need to enter the PIN when making a deposit with the prepaid voucher. You can use the entire voucher amount at once or deposit only a portion of it and use the rest for later.

This deposit solution creates a barrier between the online casino and your banking details. You’ll only need to enter the voucher PIN, not your bank data. It gets even better as vouchers give gamers more control over their gambling. You can spend only what is available in the voucher, so there’s no opportunity to overdraw your funds.

Like virtual cards, vouchers are specially designed for deposits, so you can’t use them to withdraw your winnings. Popular voucher cards include Paysafecard, Neosurf and Flexepin.

  1. E-wallets

This popular payment method allows users to manage their gambling transactions outside of a bank. Most e-wallets permit users to store funds and transfer them easily. They are excellent for keeping track of your gambling activities in one place.

This payment method is popular among many online casinos because it is very safe. E-wallets like PayPal and Skrill have high security standards, and since they act as middlemen between your bank and the casino, your banking details will be secure.

E-wallet accounts are easy to create and generally available for deposits and withdrawals. E-wallet transactions are also speedy. However, they may charge significant fees, so you should check the transaction fees from your preferred e-wallet company before you deposit.

  1. Cryptocurrencies

A few years ago, it would have been challenging to find online casinos that accepted cryptocurrencies. Currently, most gaming platforms allow the use of these virtual coins due to the numerous benefits they offer. A major advantage of cryptocurrency gambling is security. These digital tokens operate on the blockchain, which is a highly secure network that cannot be duplicated. Every transaction is unique, and the key on your crypto wallet is almost impossible to hack.

Another vital benefit of depositing with cryptocurrencies is that you can enjoy equally fast payouts when you wish to withdraw. You won’t have to reveal any details other than your wallet address and the amount to be paid. This payment method also offers anonymity, which is quite valuable in an industry such as online gaming. Whenever you record huge payouts, you’ll have a much easier time cashing in on your winnings than with fiat payment methods.

  1. Mobile billing

This payment option is relatively new in online gaming. It is an effortless way to make deposits and only requires your mobile phone. You can pay for your gaming stint from your current pay-as-you-go balance. You can also draw on credit from your mobile service provider, and the company will add the amount to your phone bill at the end of the month.

Beyond its simplicity, mobile billing also offers a high level of security. Platforms like Boku Mobile Pay and PayByMobile provide gamers with this payment solution. Once again, you won’t be divulging any personal banking information, and since the transaction is tied to your mobile phone, it is not subject to internet threats.

Mobile billing is only available for deposits and will allow small transactions at a time. It’s perfect for casual gamers who want to enjoy casino games with little risk.

Why you should deposit at online casinos

Many online casinos provide demo versions that allow players to enjoy their gaming catalog without having to stake. However, if you’re looking to win any payouts, you will need to bet real money.

In most cases, depositing is highly straightforward. Under the cashier section, you can choose a deposit method from the list provided. Prompts are available to guide you, and the transaction is usually instant. Depositing at an online casino will also typically qualify you for a bonus reward. With a deposit match or free spins offer, you have more funds to explore the casino games available.

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