Salary and Advantages of an NP Degree

The decision to pursue a Nurse Practitioner Degree (NP) will open a whole new world of opportunities in the medical field. Neonatal nurse practitioner schools have a strong reputation of creating the best professionals in the nursing field. They are popular for their problem solving skills and their compassionate attitude towards their career and patient care.

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Practitioner nurses are considered as the leaders in the field of healthcare and have always been in popular demand. They have the power of opening their own private practices. NPs have provided medical care to underserved communities and in various other states as they can function without monitoring of any physician.


US Bureau of Labor Statistics is of the view that the necessity of Nurse Practitioners in future will grow at a fast pace when compared with average growth rate while the number of Nurse Practitioners will grow by over 60,000 by 2026. Therefore, opting for the profession of a Nurse Practitioner is deemed as a smart investment for the future which comes with added benefits like a rewarding career.

In 2019, US News & World Report stated that the 7th best profession in United States was Nurse Practitioners and they were the 5th best professionals in the healthcare sector. A survey conducted in 2018 by Medscape Nurse Career Satisfaction Report 2018 showed that over 2,000 Nurse Practitioners responded. The survey concluded that 96% of the participants were happy and content by being Nurse Practitioners. The reasons shared for the high number of satisfactory rate are as follows:

Helping people and contributing towards others’ lives

Over 1.06 billion visits to United States every year is because of their Nurse Practitioners who have amassed massive respect in the profession and have become sought after healthcare professionals. Neonatal nurse practitioner schools have successfully created professionals who offer a blend of clinical expertise and also focus on health education along with preventive measures exercised in the healthcare industry.

Building Relationships with Patients

Nurse Practitioners build a relation of trust with their patients than any other professional in nursing. This is mainly due to their capability of practicing autonomy and being able to set up their own private practices. Moreover, Nurse Practitioners focus on less number of patients being seen in an hour than other factors like health and educational outcomes of the session while ensuring satisfaction of the patient.

Earning Potential

Nurse Practitioners earn an average 33% more than other professionals in their fields like nurses with undergraduate degrees. While salaries differ from every state and county, Pay Scale mentioned on their website that an average Nurse Practitioner earns $92,792 and are often given additional benefits like bonuses, profit sharing and other incentives.

Most employers offer generous salary packages topped with perks and benefits to attract Nurse Practitioners so that they may work for their organization. These benefits range from paid vacations to health insurance. Tuition reimbursement along with payments for any continued professional development, onsite childcare facilities, coverage of professional liability and much more are covered by employers.


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