Is Sales Enablement the New Way to Make a Profit in 2020?

Sales enablement solutions have significantly increased over the past few years and continue to grow. Each year, plenty of new numbers of vendors show up with great offers. It happens because businesses realized how essential it is to evolve their sales sector in order to meet customer’s expectations and perform a great service.

Let’s start with the basic definition: What Is Sales Enablement?

In a nutshell, sales enablement is a process of providing the company with special tools and training to make them better sellers. The organization gets access to all the important information, and content so they can better communicate with the customers and sell more efficiently. You can find everything you need to know about sales enablement at

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Sales Enablement Evolution

Let’s go back to the 50s – sales enablement was mostly about improving the seller’s personal skills so he could make a better profit. It was mostly focused on the skill of selling than any special, advanced techniques. The 1980s. were the times when the SPIN technique gained big popularity. It successfully provided customers with the answers for 4 questions: situation, problem, implication, and need-payoff.

That began the basic training for sellers to improve the quality of the service. Ten years later, technological development (CRM tools, Document Management) pushed people to implement sales support which could improve also the communication with the buyers. Nowadays, companies know that having a sales enablement strategy is a need to stay in the game.

Now, let’s take a look at the market these days. Is Sales Enablement the new way to make a profit in 2020? Below you will find top sales enablement functions and predictions for the future.

Prioritizing Sales Enablement Content

 A big percentage of companies today face failures in implementing the sales poor enablement technology required to support their initiatives. It also includes a content strategy. People forget that a good piece of content contains both, internal content for the representatives, and external for the customers.

This is where a sales collateral comes in! With the help of different content, the sales rep can effectively communicate with both – B2B businesses and B2C to convey your brand’s message effectively.

But it is important to remember that the content is relevant according to the stage of the buyer’s journey and remains consistent with the whole selling process.

Customer is the center of the Business

Lots of companies still underestimate the customers and their awareness of the marketing and sales tricks. First of all, they are not so naive anymore, more, they are getting more and more demanding. Purchasing the product should bring the buyer 100% satisfaction throughout all the customer journey.

What the companies have to do in 2020 is to create a new customer culture where experience matters the most. They should combine marketing and sales together and bring the best content that unites the sale’s first-hand experience and specific marketing analytics.

Increase Employees’ Awareness

Sales enablement puts the sales team qualifications as one of the main objectives. With the growing changes in the sales market, the companies should launch a dynamic training process that equips the team with the skills they need to be able to respond immediately and be prepared for different kinds of situations.

Sometimes when the store sells really unique stuff, like a total market niche, it may happen than the buyer knows more than the customer. To prevent this kind of situation, many companies will provide detailed sales training to increase employees’ knowledge, raise competences, and speed up the business.

Involving Marketing

Sales enablement strategy brings profit to the whole organization, not only to the sales sector. In fact, it is a link between sales and marketing. Unfortunately, some organizations are focused only on one sector, instead of the whole. If the company wants to drive bigger picture outcomes like revenue, average order value, and lifetime customer value, it needs to go hand in hand with the marketing sector.

Considering the growing number of competition, the winners will be the businesses where Sales and Marketing work together to enrich the customer with a great experience. Combining marketing with sales provide buyers with more updated and relevant information. It works both ways and informs the business about the customer’s needs. It also empowers the organization with an influence on decision-making processes.

The Bottom Line

The sales enablement system is definitely a good way to make a profit for many companies, simply because it prioritizes and combines the key factors, like:

bigger role of marketing leadership, bigger importance of customer experience, providing much better assessment for the sales team, preparing more targeted training and skill development. It’s a rescue for many organizations which wrongly understand the importance of a strong content provided to different types of business.

This system will definitely keep embracing new selling strategies and help people understand the point of the buyer, and address their questions better. Sales enablement platforms will surely continue to evolve in order to coach companies on how to support the buyers through their customer journey.


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