What does a Sales Enablement Manager do?

If your primary objective is to sell more, it might no longer be enough to have the best product. No, you have not misinterpreted this! The market we are facing today is highly competitive, and as such other elements are as appropriate as product quality — among them content creation and customer experience. That said, many enterprises invest more every day in sales, enabling strategies and in hiring sales enabling the manager to lead and develop such tasks.

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Responsibilities of Sale Enablement Manager

This professional’s primary purpose is to help salespeople sell more and sell with higher quality, taking advantage of content marketing as much as possible. A sales enablement manager is someone who’s the marketing and sales department liaison. The primary duty of this position is to ensure selling agents are well-resourced with the information, preparation, and awareness of available tools to operate and close sales pipeline deals effectively. This kind of support is also crucial to maximizing the customer’s lifetime value during the sales process.

Other role responsibilities include:

  • Work as an interface between the sales and marketing teams;
  • Provide bestselling techniques to qualify the team;
  • Identify the best formats and channels of content for the public;
  • Manage different simultaneous campaigns;
  • Defining ways to measure enabling sales (set targets and calculate ROI);
  • Train the team utilizing various resources to scale up the work;
  • Structure process reviews (and vice-versa) from salespeople to contact staff.

A great sales supporting manager is somebody of a diverse background — and so is the work. Ideally, this professional should have extensive knowledge in both sales and marketing, and at least some knowledge of marketing strategy and development.

What are the duties?

The position requires participation in all the sale steps, which means following the client’s journey from lead generation to brand loyalty building.

This professional is also essential in making content more appealing for leads and potential customers. This means that they know how to benefit from the content produced, what to highlight in each of them, and what formats to present them in. Why is that such a significant role?

The business remains as dynamic as it comes and more and more businesses are implementing new, creative approaches each day to draw consumers and keep their interest. See how that can be achieved by recruiting a sales enablement manager at your business.

A rise in conversion rates

Another indicator that it’s time to employ a sales enablement person is if the company is struggling with a significant amount of canceled orders (or a high rate of shopping cart dropout if you run e-commerce). This especially happens when leads are presented with a shopping option before proper nutrition is provided. Since the selling enablement manager has a technical understanding of the material, these mistakes will be harder to prevent.

Scaling up business

Do you run out of ideas on how to make your income grow? Often, you and your sales representatives have explored all possibilities, and some money is required to scale up the market eventually.

This expert can work with a team to make the team more efficient and, as a result, increase sales by leading and training the sales force team as well as managing possible sales enablement tools.

Take on more leads

As we will explain more, a product enablement advisor serves as a link between sales and marketing. That said, they have the expertise required to place the best content on the right platform and target it at the correct audience.

Thus, relying on a sales enablement manager in the department is a more efficient means of producing, utilizing and sharing content as a tool to close further deals and improve conversion rates.

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