Make Your Preparation for Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Exciting by Using Practice Tests

Salesforce Administrator is a credential that is aimed at the individuals with experience in Salesforce products. These professionals are looking for new methods to help their organizations access more capabilities and features to function optimally and increase their return on investment.

Salesforce ADM-201 practice tests image 43992To get this certificate, you need to pass the ADM-201 exam. It covers the scope of applications, functions, and features available to the end users, as well as the management and configuration options that are available to the administrators across Collaboration Clouds, Service, and Sales.

Basically, there are two credentials in the Administrator certification path. The first is of theAssociatelevel, known as Salesforce Certified Administrator. This one focuses on functionality and features that are used in maintaining Salesforce implementation. To earn it, the candidates have to pass the ADM-201 exam, which is the focus of this article.

The second one is an advanced-level certification that it is known as Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator. It is designed for those individuals with the previous level of the Administrator program who already gained competence in configuration maintenance of Salesforce and have the relevant skills to administer best practices. These students also have the capability to use advanced functionality and features of Salesforce to solve different business problems.

Salesforce ADM-201: Target Audience

The certification exam is intended for the individuals with standard knowledge of features that are available to the end users, as well as configuration options available to the Salesforce administrators.

These professionals should have the capability to maintain the Salesforce organization, carry out administrative roles with the use of the latest Salesforce features, and respond to general business requirements. In addition to this, they should have at least 6 months of working experience as a Salesforceadministrator with skills to successfully carry out tasks outlined in the exam objectives.

Salesforce ADM-201: Exam Details

The ADM-201test is made up of 60 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. The time allotted for the completion of the exam is 105 minutes. It is important to mention that there are five unscored questions added to this certificationtest. These questions do not contribute to your overall score. To pass Salesforce ADM-201, you are required to getat least 65%.

Before you take the exam, you have to register and pay the fee of $200 and any applicable taxes required by local law. In case you do not pass it at the first attempt, you will need to pay $100 to retake the testeach time you fail.

There are two options that you can consider. The first is a proctored version, which is offered onsite at a testing center. The second one is an online proctored exam delivery, which can be takendirectly from your home while being monitored by a proctor. Please note that there is no official prerequisite for taking Salesforce ADM-201. However, it is highly recommended that you takethe relevant training courses.

Salesforce ADM-201: Exam Topics

The ADM-201 certification test evaluates the candidate’s skills and knowledge as they relate to specific objectives. It’s crucial that you have hands-on experience in Salesforce administration and be able to demonstrate the application of functions and features inherent in the exam topics before attempting to take this test. The highlight of the subjectsis as follows:

  • Organizational Setup: 3%;
  • User Setup: 7%;
  • Standard & Custom Objects: 14%;
  • Security & Access: 13%;
  • Sales & Marketing Applications: 14%;
  • Service & Support Applications: 13%;
  • Activity Management & Collaboration: 3%;
  • Data Management: 10%;
  • Analytics-Reports & Dashboards: 10%;
  • Workflow/Process Automation: 8%;
  • Desktop & Mobile Administration: 3%;
  • AppExhange: 2%.

The above is the list of objectives that the applicants should study in preparation for the exam.

Salesforce ADM-201: Preparation Tips

The resources to prepare for the ADM-201 certification exam are available at your fingertips. You only need to dedicate time to the preparation phase to ensure your success. Many candidates pass their tests at the first attempt, which means you can also ace yours without taking it twice. Here are some tips that will help you get ahead in your study and prepare you for success.

  • Get a study guide

Salesforce has made preparation easier with the creation of the Trailhead platform. You can find a free study guide on this site. The exam guide is designed to help you measure your level of preparedness for the ADM-201test. It offers detailed information on the exam subjects as well as the recommended training courses and self-study resources. Go over this manual and review each topic area in detail.

  • Visit the official website

Salesforce recommends some reference materials and training courses to prepare you for the content of the certification exam and these can be found on Trailhead. These courses and resources are designed to equip you with hands-on experience that will guarantee your success. You should check the site to check out various instructor-led training courses and self-study tools that have been designed for the ADM-201 certificationtest.

  • Visit the PrepAway platform

This website offers various video tutorials, practice tests,braindumps,and other useful materials to help you prepare and ace your Salesforce ADM-201 at the first attempt. You can also take practice tests in a simulated environment, which replicates the actual exam setting. You can find a simulator on the right side of the pages with bundles.

Thus, you can find the package for this test and get all the required material from one page. This is a great way to evaluate your understanding of the topics while developing your time management skills. You can find different study bundles that you can explore on PrepAway.


When taking SalesforceADM-201, it is important that you manage your time well. You have 105 minutes to complete 60 questions. It is recommended that you skip any questions if you don’t have immediate answers to them and answer those that you know. You can come back to the unanswered ones after answering others. With this, you won’t get stuck on a question and waste your time in the process.


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