Salvage motorcycles for sale: Auction Auto has got you covered

Welcome to the page, where you will find many off-priced vehicles. No doubt, that the most widely represented category is cars, but there are lots of motorcycles at the auctions too. We are sure that you have already looked through some options on our website. If you are interested in bidding, we invite you to unfold our cooperation process. Below, we share some useful information about salvage motorcycles and our services.

Salvage motorcycles auction: focus on the vehicle’s condition

Usually, people buy salvage motorcycles for two purposes: 

  • to repair for future driving;
  • to remove some parts and use them for repairs of other(s) vehicles.

If you are one of those people who plan to repair a motorcycle and make it safe to drive again, we have some advice for you. Buying vehicles with salvage titles can be tricky: you can buy a motorcycle with minor damages and totally unrepairable junk as well. Do you want to be in the first team? Yes, it is possible to find such a bargain as a motorcycle for a low price and minor damages, but that happens not so often. We recommend focusing on a vehicle in repairable condition, the cost of repairs of which still allows us to consider it a favorable purchase.

To find out whether we deal with a trustworthy seller, we always recommend conducting a motorcycle inspection and then evaluating the approximate cost of repairs.

Motorcycle inspection must match with the vehicle’s records, including the number of damages and their nature, mileage, previous owners, etc. After that, you will be able to accurately plan your expenses on the vehicle and its repairs or maybe look for a better option.

Auction Auto and salvage motorcycles for sale

If you decide to use our services, the motorcycle’s inspection and evaluation of repair costs will be on us. Besides, we offer many other services that may be time-consuming for you. 

Our most important services:

  • assistance with a car search according to your request;
  • bidding advice;
  • bidding instead of you;
  • paperwork; 
  • transportation by land;
  • vehicle photo report before shipping;
  • worldwide shipping;
  • shipment tracking;
  • arranging of customs clearance;
  • customer support during the whole process;
  • repair advice.

Our step-by-step future cooperation for purchasing salvage motorcycles for sale:

  1. registration (type your phone number and name — that’s it);
  2. providing personal information (type your name, surname, address, etc.);
  3. identification (you can use your ID, passport, etc.);
  4. security deposit (10% of your maximum betting limit; not less than $600);
  5. vehicle search at auctions (if you haven’t found a motorcycle yet, we will assist you); 
  6. bidding at auction (you participate by yourself, or we do it instead of you); 
  7. motorcycle inspection (historical records check); 
  8. payment and paperwork (three days to pay the invoice, and then we take care of documents);
  9. transportation to the port (we will choose the fastest way to reach the place of departure); 
  10. shipping (delivery time depends on the destination); 
  11. customs clearance (arranging container unpacking is on us). 

We will provide you with access to the best auctions, where you will be able to buy different types of salvage motorcycles made by world-famous brands (BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, etc.) If you have questions, contact us, and we will provide more detailed information.

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