How A Sam Junctional Tourniquet Improves Workplace Emergency Response

Regardless of what industry you’re in, workplace-related incidents can happen at any time. This means you must always be prepared for a medical emergency. Having first aid kits somewhere easily accessible is pretty much standard for any workplace. However, are you sure that your first aid kit is good enough?

While having a first aid kit is normal, some people make the mistake of assuming that it has everything necessary to provide immediate treatment. One of the most overlooked items in first aid kits is the tourniquet.

A tourniquet is a device designed to restrict blood flow to a certain part of the body, usually to prevent blood loss. Basic tourniquets consist of nothing more than cloth wound up by a small stick. While those are simple and the materials are easy to find, inexperienced users might take too long to apply a makeshift tourniquet. This can be a problem, especially if the blood loss is severe enough that you can’t afford to spare a few seconds.

123 Sam Junctional Tourniquet Improves Workplace Emergency Response

Tourniquets have to be administered ASAP, so you’d want your first aid kits to come equipped with something that doesn’t require assembly before being used. Sam junctional tourniquets are designed to be usable out of the box, usually taking less than twenty-five seconds to secure in place if used by a person with very little training. Click this for more information on Sam junctional tourniquets.

Works Well On Preventing Blood Loss

Sam junctional tourniquets are much more versatile than their improvised counterparts because of certain features. Sam junction tourniquets can be applied in case of severe leg amputations, blast injuries, and other injuries where a standard tourniquet would be ineffective. Aside from an easily adjustable belt and buckle for easy application, it also comes with an air pump that can be used to provide stronger pressure over a major artery without bruising or chafing.

Stabilizes Pelvic Fractures

A Sam junctional tourniquet is one of the few junctional hemorrhage devices approved by the Food and Drug Administration for application on pelvic injuries.  The pelvic area is one of the few parts of the body with large bones and abundant blood supply. If an injury to the pelvic area occurs, there is a high risk of blood loss. Unfortunately, a regular tourniquet might not be able to effectively apply the pressure over the femoral artery. Instead of simply tightening up the strap, A Sam junctional tourniquet’s air pump can be placed directly over the artery and quickly inflated to provide localized pressure.

They Can Be Firmly Tightened

Junctional tourniquets improve workplace emergency response because they have technology that allows them to be firmly tightened and loosened with ease. Basic tourniquets might not be suitable for certain emergencies because it’s difficult to tell if the binding is too tight or too loose. Too much tension and the tourniquet can cause tissue damage and pain; too little, and it won’t be able to properly stop the flow of blood. Sam junctional tourniquets use adjustable buckled straps that automatically locks in place when the required amount of circumferential stress is applied. In the event of a workplace emergency, all you have to do is tug on the strap until you hear a click and secure it with the buckle.

Sam Junctional Tourniquet Improves Workplace Emergency Response

It’s Safe And Effective

A common problem with basic tourniquets is that overzealous responders are likely to leave the tourniquet too tight, causing more harm than good. There’s also the fact that tension caused by winding up the tourniquet can cause the stick to snap, causing it to lose tension and potentially send splinters flying.

Sam junctional tourniquets are safer in this regard. The strap itself is secured with a safety buckle, and its strap is especially designed to remain taut even when not fully tightened. There are no separate components that could fly off during application. This makes sam junctional tourniquets the safest option in case of a workplace emergency.

Acquaint Your Staff

Although Sam junctional tourniquets are fairly easy to use, it’s still highly recommended to get your team familiarized with the safety device. This will greatly help cut down application times, resulting in faster responses that can help save more lives.


Severe blood loss is the leading cause of death in most injuries. Most workplace injuries lack the necessary equipment to ensure safety and effective emergency response in the event of an emergency. But, thanks to Sam junctional tourniquets, you can improve your workplace emergency response because their tourniquets are designed to provide better, safer blood flow restriction.