Satellite Internet May Become More Economical and Faster

When searching for the best internet provider near me, my first priority would be to find a cable internet provider if fiber-optic is not available in the area. I might also consider DSL if need be, but unless I live in the middle of nowhere, satellite internet would never be something I pro-actively choose.

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Even in places like Hawaii, with a low coverage overall, people have a strong cellular network in the form of providers like Spectrum mobile Hawaii offered by Local Cable Deals that offers unlimited plans.

There’s just too much hassle and expense attached to satellite internet. First of all, if you don’t own your place then you need to get permission from your landlord to install a dish antenna. Then, if your provider doesn’t lease the equipment you have to buy the expensive equipment needed set up for the setup. And after all the landlord persuasion and expense bearing you have to wait for the installation team to arrive and set up your internet connection. Oh and don’t get me started on the clear view of the southern sky and weather conditions affecting the signal strength.

Yes, I’m a big fan of convenience and I would love it if all I need to do is call a hotline, sign up with an internet provider, pick up the modem from a local store and hook it up to access my services. Of course, that’s not always an option, especially for people like me who just can’t seem to live in the same place for more than a year, or for people who are located in a rural or a/ far off area where the only option is satellite internet. I should give this one to satellite internet though when it comes to coverage it covers almost all kinds of areas.

Now coming to the latest news about SpaceX’s Home Internet Service which will bring joy to many. Especially, if you live in a rural area and obviously internet options are limited, then this might come as the best technological news for you in a long time.

SpaceX Home Internet Service

A while back SpaceX had decided to venture into the home internet market and in early 2019 they received approval for 12000 satellites to be launched into space. The idea was for these satellites to form a low orbit network, allowing SpaceX to sell home internet connections.

Over the last year, SpaceX put several satellites into space to check the internet service that could be received. This month they launched another batch of satellites into space, getting them closer to being able to provide internet to homes soon.

Although, it will still take several more batches of satellites to be launched and a few more tests run to be made before the service is up and running and open to the public. It is anticipated that the new home internet service may be available by summer 2020.


I know by now you must be thinking that an internet connection provided by a partner company with NASA could not possibly be cheap. Although, SpaceX’s Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk said that the new home internet service will be low cost because they hope to make their service highly competitive in the market. Precisely how low this cost would be is still not known, but I’m really hoping he lives up to his words.


If you’re thinking, “But would the speed be any better, we’ll just have another low low-speed satellite internet provider in the market?” Well, I’ve got good news for you on this too. SpaceX also claimed that they definitely plan on providing a higher speed internet connection. Now I’m sure you’ve got your fingers crossed for sure because I have.

There have been many times that I had to work over a satellite internet connection and believe you me, I totally understand the troubles of our rural population. So if SpaceX can live up to their claims, this could be life life-changing for many. Although, it seems like SpaceX is not the only company occupied by the thought of providing high speed/ low low-cost satellite internet. Companies like Amazon are working on this too. So who knows, soon there may be numerous options out there. Those will be the days, huh!

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