8 Easy Ways to Save Money Fast (and Build Wealth)

How to save money fast?

If you have never struggled with this situation, i.e., trying to save money, can we see a show of hands?

Well, you won’t see any hands because everyone, even billionaires, at some point in time have struggled financially.

Don’t worry if this has happened to you, because in this article we are going to share with you easy ways to save money fast.

Save Money Image 4444Note that the approaches you will learn here won’t help you if you don’t put them into practice. Besides, these methods you will learn here will teach you how to reduce your expenses so you can save money to use on a profitable project.

After all, you don’t need to order food from a restaurant if you can cook it at home. Know how to differentiate between what you want and what you NEED.

Disclaimer: We will not help you build huge savings immediately. We will share approaches you can take to save money for the future.

Just have a strategy and some discipline and you will reach where you want to be moneywise.

Let’s get started.

1.   Buy in Bulk

This is one of the easiest ways to start saving money.

Look at your house, identify items that you need or use frequently. These are the things that are costing you. The more you buy them in small quantities the more they make it harder for you to save money.

Identify those items, walk into the nearest store or supplier, and buy them in bulk.

Your local supplier will sell the items to you at a discount.

Buying in bulk will not only save you money but will prevent you from having to worry about lacking an important item in the house when you need it.

2.   Shop Around Before You Buy

This is also another great tactic to save money fast, according to investotrend.com – you should start using it right now if you want to save money for the future.

When you are out to buy a piece of equipment, for instance, you should not always buy from the first store you come across. Walk around, get at least three quotes, compare their prices, see which one has the best offer, and go with that price.

Most products for sale vary in price, some of them considerably. These include for example, Internet bills, workstations, kitchen appliances, flights, hotels, etc. Shop around and get the best deal you can.

3.   Trim Your Daily Expenses

Food, phone calls, transportation, household bills, rent, entertainment, just to mention a few are some of the expenses you will encounter frequently. Even though you cannot get rid of them, it is possible to reduce their prices.

Other irregular expenses you can cut down or eliminate include clothing, grooming, travel, gifts, etc.

Save money on food by taking a packed lunch to work – eating out at restaurants is costly. They are not always good for your health, especially if you frequent places that serve junk food. You will be surprised at how much money you can save each year if you bring your lunch with you from home.

Save money on transport by purchasing a bicycle – driving to work is costly. You have to pay for fuel and also factor in the wear and tear and extra mileage on your car, which reduces its value when you sell it one day. Public transport, unless your employer pays for it, can also be expensive. Cycling to work is cheap and also good for your health.

Did you know that in some cities like New York, bicycles move faster than cars during the rush hour?

Go to work using public transport– Although taxis are considered convenient when it comes to traveling, they are expensive in the long run. Use public transport instead. If your workplace is not too far away, you should consider walking there and back. Apart from the money you would save, your health would benefit too.

4.   Eliminate Unwanted Subscription Services

Let’s be honest with ourselves here; there are subscription services we just don’t need.

Chances are that you have subscribed to many services that you no longer use. And even if you do, some of them aren’t that important. Imaging how much money you would save if you unsubscribed.

5.   Automate Your Bill Payments

Life is busy and the last thing you want to see are several emails landing in your inbox that you haven’t paid for. This happens to people who travel a lot. It’s easy to forget to pay some bills. They can pile up and eventually become overwhelming.

If you want to save money, make sure you pay all your bills on time.

Given that companies charge a late penalty fee for any amount you pay after the due date, that $5 bill you think is a small amount can accumulate to huge sums of money.

Automate your bill payments so that none of them ever go unpaid.

6.   Sell Items You No Longer Need

Most people’s homes are full of items nobody uses any more. Think about how much money you could raise if you held a garage sale. You never know, there could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars lying around in your home.

If you live in an apartment and cannot organize a garage sale, try selling those items online or place ads in your local convenience stores.

7.   Negotiate

When it comes to saving money, you can do everything possible to make sure you’ve achieved what you want. Do not underestimate the benefits of negotiating prices.

Negotiation is an art that can save you a lot of money, especially on expensive items such as a new car, decorating or extending your home, or landscaping your garden.

You can learn how to negotiate by talking to friends who do it for a living, researching online, and practicing in real life. The more you negotiate, the better you will be at it.

Most sellers and suppliers prefer to keep their customers, even if that means reducing their prices, than losing them. There are many goods and services out there that are negotiable if you try.

8.   Use the Library or Co-working Space

This is particularly important if you work on part-time projects. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars renting office space; you can use your local library or share working space with others.