How to Save on Fuel as Prices Soar

If you own a car or vehicle in the UK, then you may have been hit with a surge in fuel prices. This is due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. If you didn’t know, Russia is the third largest oil producer in the world, so as you can imagine this is impacting the global economy. This increase in cost may cause you to want to save as much fuel as you can. The following are some ideas for those affected by the rising gas prices.

Invest in a GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker - Save on Fuel
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A GPS tracker can not only keep your vehicle safe, but you can use it to monitor your fuel consumption and optimise your routes. This is because with a GPS tracker and a telemetrics app, you can monitor how you drive. Noticing your driving patterns and then optimising your driving to become more efficient is a great way to save on fuel. This tool is brilliant for fleets as you can track all the cars and vehicles and monitor the fuel consumption. Although car trackers are expensive, the prevention of theft and all the other benefits they offer are worth it.

Take Less Journeys

Now this one may sound obvious, but reducing the number of trips you take will save you a tonne of fuel. If there’s a situation that involves multiple journeys, putting them all in one will save you a few pounds for sure.

Slow Down

You should be following the speed limit at all times, even though it may be tempting to floor it on the motorway. However, driving at a faster speed burns through your fuel more than you’d like it to. Slowing down and maintaining a fuel-efficient speed is an effective way to save your fuel. So it turns out that driving faster than the speed limit is not only illegal, but will actually cost you money too!

Regular Maintenance Checks

When saving money on your vehicle, the last thing you want is to fork out a big sum for a repair or a breakdown. This is why regular maintenance checks are important. Ensuring yours and your passengers’ safety is paramount, but it can also save you money in the long run.

One key thing that you can check yourself to save fuel, is your tyre pressure. It’s been found that a decrease in tyre inflation can result in an increase in fuel consumption, meaning the more deflated your tyres are the more fuel you’re burning. Checking to see if your tyres are at optimum pressure will ensure your car is moving efficiently. Something to note if you want to save fuel.

Overall, there’s not much anyone can do about the rise in fuel prices, but the tips above should help you save a few pounds here and there.

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