Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP): What It Is, Advantages, Procedure, and Cost

Scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary process mainly targeting balding men or women with thinning hair. It is a process in which the pigment is injected to create the appearance of a shaved head.

Each pigment is injected with a needle. Then, one can achieve a more natural buzz shaved head appearance. The results are somewhat instant. It is subtle, but at the same time, it achieves an incredible change in the appearance of a person. It seems as if you have all your hair, but shaved.

Scalp micropigmentation is unlike a body tattoo. The tattoos, although they lose their color, are permanent because the ink is injected deeper into the dermis. On the contrary, in this SMP procedure, the injection is superficial to the point that if you do not do a touch-up in about two years, your body eliminates the ink.

The SMP procedure also known as a hair tattoo hurts a little, but from a one to ten, with number ten being the most painful, most patients will give the SMP procedure a score of three, which is relatively little pain for this type of treatment, especially when you compare it to having a hair transplant .

Each SMP session has a duration of two to three hours. Although the person might not have any hair, this low cost, effective treatment manages to create a natural hairline in just three to four sessions. And, the complete treatment can cost approximately $2,000 to $5000USD to achieve the appearance of a shaved head hairline, or fuller head of thick hair. The cost usually includes the aftercare of the procedure.

Advantages of Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that requires very little down time for recovery, so it gives you a lot of flexibility. Normally, after SMP treatment, the results will remain with you for at least 2 years. Your SMP practitioner will let you know how often you should go back for touch up work.

Although it is not a treatment for life, it is not something that will disappear after 6 months. The pigments used in Scalp Micropigmentation are specially formulated to maintain their color and shape for an extended period. This is something inexpensive (when compared to a hair transplant) that you can try out and see if it works for you.

The most common patients of Scalp micropigmentation are men who are looking for the buzz hair cut look, but also very popular with woman who want to hide their thinning hair. The results for both tend to be a very natural look.

Why should scalp micropigmentation be the first solution?

This is something for you to decide and we always recommend doing your research to find which solution is best for you, but when there are problems with baldness, there are proactive treatments out there.

You can choose a treatment like Minoxidil topical solution that will help stop your hair from falling out and also grow new hair. Another option is the micrograft, which requires surgery and is quite expensive. However, in both cases, it is necessary that the person still has an active follicles or donor area in the case of grafting.

The Scalp micropigmentation is a fairly common treatment used in many parts of the body. It can be applied to the scalp, eyebrows, lips or chest. It is one of the aesthetic treatments that are used for appearance reconstruction after operations. Therefore, you can feel confident that your using a technique that has a long history.

How is this SMP treatment carried out?

In this treatment process, a topical anesthesia is used in the treated area. As a result, it is a completely painless process, say most patients.  And how many treatments will you need? Although it will depend on the individual person’s scalp, on average it takes about 3 to 4 sessions to see great results.

In recent years, there has been an increase in SMP popularity, basically for two reasons. First, due to the increase in cases of male and female alopecia. Second, many men who have had a hair transplant either cannot afford the up keep or they learn that a hair transplant does not work for them and unfortunately many men and woman are left with a huge scar in the back of their heads from the hair transplant procedure.

Sometimes the SMP process can be a very short one. For some people’s scalp the SMP procedure can be completed in only one day. The pigments used will give an optical illusion and the ink color will be based on the individual person’s scalp. However, it can take over a month sometimes until the scalp tattoo has its final color. It is estimated that the SMP results can last between two and three years and cost on average about $2,000 to $5,000.


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