The Science of Vaping

Science of vaping - 1With the explosive rise in vaping popularity, you’ve probably heard of this up and coming trend, or maybe you’ve already jumped on the e-cigarette bandwagon. Either way, you have questions about electronic nicotine products, like how they operate, what ingredients they contain, and how they compare to cigarettes. You want to know about the science behind vaping, which is why we laid out this exciting information in our easy-to-understand visual.

Experts in health and wellness are exploring combustible smoking versus electronic cigarettes, and the knowledge gained through these investigations are leading to some exciting results. According to a January 2018 report released by the National Academy of Sciences, the diseases related to smoking revolve around inhaling smoke. E-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco and don’t produce the smoke that causes those health issues. These new vaping juices don’t contain the vast array of harmful chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes either, from carbon monoxide to tar.

Let’s delve into the gritty science behind vaping with compelling answers to your questions on our infographic. You’ll get the answers to those complicated questions and so much more.

What Makes Up a Vape Pen?

Each manufacturer of electronic smoking devices makes their product just a bit different from the rest, but most vape pens get assembled from the same basic parts. Learn what these pieces are, and how they work together to produce the best overall vaping experience.

Where Does the Magic Happen?

Have you heard of an atomizer? No, it’s not a ray gun that will shrink your cat. Discover where this important tool gets its power, how it excites the molecules that make up your vape juice, and how those molecules transform into vapor with our comprehensive guide.

What Is the Optimal Vaping Temperature?

Temperature matters when you’re sparking up your vape pen. What happens when it’s too hot, and what doesn’t happen if your coils are too cold? Our visual guide will lead you through the best temperature for each e-liquid ingredient, and how Ohms and electrical resistance play just as an essential role as the heat does.

What’s in My Favorite Vape Juice?

There is said to be close to 8,000 varieties of vape juice on the market today, but what’s in them? The science behind vaping reveals what’s in your Emoji Blue Razz, and just as vital — what’s not in it. You’ll also learn how vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol concentrations contribute to your vapor.

Science of Vaping main image of article - infographicVaping Techniques

Our handy infographic breaks down the two types of vaping styles: mouth-to-lung and direct-lung. Learn the benefits of each method, the recommended ohm settings, and the ideal mixture ratios for both. It’s all right there to satisfy your inquiring mind.

One of the most fascinating aspects of learning a new hobby is diving into the details, and vaping is no different. By sharing the knowledge and ideas illustrated in our handy guide, you’ll learn all about the science behind vaping. You’re not one of those people that’s happy with the status quo. Keep reading to unearth vape’s many mysteries and more.