SD-WAN for SME and Enterprise: Why You Should Consider It for Your Business

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SD-WAN is a virtual wide-area network management technology. It allows businesses—both big and small—to combine their public internet and/or MPLS lines under a single pane of glass for management and network visibility purposes.

So why is SD-WAN for SME and Enterprise recommended? Well, there are many benefits of using SD-WAN services, no matter the size of your business operations.

They are as follows:

SD-WAN Offers Flexibility and Reliable Connectivity

This intent-based networking hardware offers secure connectivity. SD-WAN has the capability of running over multiple data links providing great bandwidth throughput and network redundancy.

This gives your enterprise network continuous network performance. You don’t have to worry about potential downtimes because you can spot outages or network issues via the network intelligent edge orchestrator panel.

The VM-Ware  SD-WAN can manage traffic throughput and the network manager has control of traffic priority and traffic flows. That means your small business or enterprise can maintain peak application performance at all times.

What’s great about the SD-WAN is that it’s not only reliable, it’s flexible, too. It uses a centralised orchestration centre, so administrators have better control of sensitive data.

In other words, your physical or remote staff could add, move, or make changes in your cloud platforms as needed.

SD-WAN Can Help Improve Data Flow

Thanks to hybrid and cloud applications, data management has vastly improved. That said, an SD-WAN can further enhance it.

For IT administrators, this network provides ease of deploying and managing data flow.

For example, high-availability business applications can end up using a different WAN link. That way, they won’t compromise the quality of critical applications, such as video conferencing.

Additionally, this software-defined approach allows IT managers to implement Quality of Service. Also known as QOS, it can separate applications so they’ll use multiple links.

SD-WAN Solutions are Cost-Effective

Small and medium-sized businesses are slowly embracing cloud-based applications. While they bring more network traffic, they do require better internet access. As such, these cloud service providers require higher payments.

The good news is you can save yourself from the high costs with VMWare SD-WAN.

It can help lower costs by combining low-cost broadband connections. Businesses can also save money by getting rid of their costly MPLS network.

SD-WANs are Easy to Use

With the VMWare SD-WAN, small and medium enterprises can quickly gain secure access. 

As mentioned, it uses a centralised data hub. Even if you have various connectivity options, you can manage all of them in one location.

Your IT experts can also create templates you can use to replicate policies and configurations. They’re relatively easy to set up, even if you’re only using an Edge device.

SD-WAN also comes with dynamic path selection and automatic fail-over options, among many other things.

With this network, you can efficiently run your remote sites without leaving your central office.

Every SD-WAN Solution is Scalable

The goal of most small businesses is to expand into large enterprises. By using Adaptiv networks, you can do this and more.

For one, it makes use of the existing enterprise network. As a result, you can easily open multiple offices across multiple locations.

Best of all, it runs on zero-touch provisioning. That way, you can supervise your remote branches in just a few clicks.

SD-WAN Comes With Ease of Provision

If you want to set up office locations far away from your head office, you can easily do so with this network.

Thanks to SD-WAN’s centralised data centre feature, you’ll find provisioning easy even if it’s your first time.

Your SD-WAN also comes with configuration templates, which eases the installation of secure access communications.

You don’t have to wait for a few days or weeks to enjoy that much-needed digital transformation. You can do it in just a few minutes, so you can make video calls with your other branches right away.

SD-WAN Can Help Maintain Quality Connections

As cloud services improve, they become more and more complex. So instead of having fast, remote access, you end up with a slow one.

As a result, IT experts need to update programs or apply patches to prevent problems from happening.

A great thing about SD-WAN is that it can handle a bevy of applications and systems. It can automate tasks and prioritise traffic with a centralised controller. 

The result? Reduced WAN complexity.

Software-Defined Networking Offers Robust Cloud Security

SD-WAN is designed with a secure overlay on top of the service provider-independent infrastructure.

In simpler terms, it can help small and medium businesses secure their customers’ information. They’re regulated and controlled as they go through different networks.

SD-WAN follows strict security policies extending from the cloud to the local branch. It also comes with IPSec encryption, which ensures security in every data centre it traverses.

As you see, there are many benefits to integrating SD-WAN in your business. It’s cost-effective and easy to use, which is why you should get this network right away!

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