Search Engine optimization for medical companies

Medical facilities such as medical institutions and clinics provide special services that deserve attention. While doctors and teams do their best, and patients know they are in good shape, there is little time to be responsible for marketing their own services. In particular, the role of visibility in search engine results should not be underestimated if a clinic wants to expand its reach. With tailor-made SEO services for clinics, an agency specializing in the healthcare industry in Bad Heilbrunn supports them in achieving top positions in organic search results, thus reliably reaching potential patients.

More visibility of clinics on the internet

As society becomes increasingly digitized, new communication options have emerged. Furthermore, acquiring accumulated knowledge has never been easier. It’s no wonder that search engines have become a daily companion for many people. Therefore, most people use search engines first when looking for the right doctor or clinic. For example, if looking for a specialist, potential patients typically enter the specialist’s name and location or region into the search. In the case of a clinic, special services associated with the corresponding location (eg rehabilitation clinics) are usually sought. To get more visibility in this market, one of the most important agencies in Germany, specialized on medical sector, is

Professional SEO for Clinics and medical healthcare companies

For more than 15 years, the team members of mediseo have been working closely with clinics, hospitals and surgeons from all disciplines. Based on this far-reaching network, deep insights and a great deal of expertise in the industry are generated. Mediseo was created as few other professional groups deal with marketing and SEO as little opportunity as doctors. With a reliable SEO and marketing process automation system tailored specifically to the needs of the healthcare industry, the agency is pursuing its long-term goal of enabling clients to achieve sustainable success in online marketing. Clinics and practices require very little time. Additionally, customers can gain proof of performance and results through scalable reporting. Since prices are fixed, costs are also transparent.

For example, through sustainable SEO measures specific to clinics, mediseo increased its visibility and presence on the Internet and ensured clinics were found where patients were looking. A team of experts understands the high demands and scope of technical and content-related standards for successful SEO. Google rankings are influenced by about 200 factors. The goal is to be on the first page, and if possible, in the top 5 of organic search results. To do this, create suitable SEO content for existing clinic websites and optimize clinic websites locally and nationally for the respective specialty or service area.

The first step is an intensive SEO audit that analyzes the current state of the entire clinic’s appearance, including all channels used, based on content, design, and technical criteria. Because only the effective interaction of all three areas creates the conditions for SEO success. Direct competitors in the market are also analyzed, and from this, together with relevant keywords, an SEO strategy suitable for the clinic is deduced, and a timetable for the implementation of all measures is developed. If a website becomes outdated, medisee will modify it visually and programmatically, and create a responsive design for optimal display on all end devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Because fast error-free loading on every end device is highly correlated with good rankings. In addition, redundant content of the website will be removed, and the structure and integrated image and media content will be adapted to today’s standards.

More about mediseo GmbH

As a partner in the field of online marketing for healthcare, mediiseo GmbH supports doctors, clinics, clinics and pharmaceutical companies to strengthen their brands on the Internet, emphasize individuality and competence, and gain more visibility among potential patients. A data-driven marketing strategy using modern tools from the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can achieve sustainable success. The digital experts from mediseo have over 15 years of marketing experience, from the first generation of SEO, during which time they have gone through all Google’s adjustments to search engine ranking criteria.

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