Top SECRET Functions to Sell More on Amazon

One of the really remarkable things about Amazon is that the company is always looking to bring new functionality to retailers to increase sales.

Currently, competition among sellers is fierce. This makes people who are starting from scratch there need to pay attention to good practices to gain prominence.

It is essential to know how to take advantage of the tools offered by the platform to stand out in competition and, ultimately, increase your sales.

1. Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller App - Sell more on Amazon
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The Amazon Seller App is basically a free app to sell on Amazon and a useful tool for listing items, contacting the company, responding to customers, checking the sales rating and reviews.

The app can also be useful for the merchant who wants to practice retail arbitrage.

This is the term used when you buy products at local retail stores and then resell them through online marketplaces at a considerable profit. Here, we call resellers.


MARS is an automatic pricing tool from Amazon. This feature is available to salespeople with a professional sales plan. It works for free and adjusts the prices according to the criteria you choose.

Needless to say how important this will be for your sales, right?

Pricing is often a difficulty among retailers, especially in marketplaces.

As competitors are always putting more attractive prices for customers, it is difficult to follow up on a recurring basis, which can harm sales.

So MARS works well to make your products more competitive and consequently increase your likelihoods of winning a Buy Box.

You create a pricing rule, define its parameters and then select the SKU codes for which the rule is applied.

Automatic pricing only applies to the SKU codes you designate.

3. Coupons

Amazon Coupons
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This is a new tool from Amazon that relies on coupons to create attractive, customer-targeted promotions.

Coupons can be used for specific products within a catalog and will then appear in search results, the Buy Box, product pages and the coupon page itself.

The tool was created to increase the relevance of stores and, consequently, increase sales.

What you need to participate in the coupon program:

  • Have a Professional plan seller account;
  • Keeping your account metrics within the allowed limits while providing a good customer experience.
  • However, the merchant is responsible for fully funding any coupon discounts they offer.

There is also a fee charged for each discount coupon used by customers.

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4. Buy Box

The Buy Box is the box located on the product detail page. Here, customers begin the purchase process by adding products to their shopping cart.

An important aspect of the Amazon website is that multiple sellers can offer the same product.

If more than one seller offers the same product, they can compete to win the Buy Box for that product.

But beware: Sellers must meet performance-based requirements to be qualified to fight for Buy Box.

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