3 tips to secure your business against data breaches

Against data breaches - 3982982982Data breaches … from the popular app MyFitnessPal to the giant hotel chain Marriott and social media giant Facebook, they’ve all had data breaches in 2019. For a company, it literally is a horror story – you don’t want your customers’ and business data to fall into the wrong hands!

To make sure you’re secured against data breaches, it’s a good idea to develop some safety habits in the company and to choose a good IT security provider. In this article, we give you 3 tips to secure your business against data breaches.

  1. Choose a good IT consultancy company

Hackers don’t make it easy on IT’ers. Building a secure IT environment is a lot of work, and if you’ve built it yourself, it’s difficult to spot the weaknesses. That’s why it’s a good idea to get IT consultancy and advice from an external company. This company has a fresh view and and will optimize your IT security for all endpoints to limit the risks.

  1. Train your employees

Many data breaches happen without the knowledge of for instance the employee that inadvertently created a data leak. That’s why it’s super important to train your employees on data safety. You can do this internally or hire a company to give trainings. We recommend training employees on basic points like using good, different passwords and recognising phishing emails, but also on safety checks, like using a VPN when using a public wifi.

This is important that this isn’t a one-time training; you need to remind your employees often of these safety checks. Print them out and hang them around the office; add them to company emails… it’s important that everyone knows exactly what to do in situations where a data breach could happen.

  1. Stop storing data on devices

Do you keep all of your important documents on your laptop? Time to stop doing that! Devices can be easily lost and who knows what can be found when they end up in the wrong hands. Saving your documents and data in the cloud, is way more secure. Furthermore, the cloud gives you the other advantage that documents will always be available, everywhere in the world, when you have internet access.

The tips mentioned here are only a small part of a secure IT environment. If you want to make sure you’re thoroughly secured against data breaches, it is a good idea to get some advice from experts. Good luck!


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