Securing The World Safest and Most Efficient Cannabis Vaporizer

Since its legalization, many people have been shifting their direction from nicotine to consuming cannabis, primarily to attain its health benefit. The cannabis vaporizer rises in time to dominate the cannabis consumption tool industry. Why do people prefer to vape cannabis to other consumption methods? The first and foremost answer to this question is its practicality. A cannabis vaporizer is an on-the-go device that cannabis consumers can carry anywhere without drawing much attention. Some versions of cannabis vape devices are extremely thin and compact, allowing them to sit snugly in the cannabis vaper’s pockets. The way cannabis vaporizer transforms cannabis extract into a vapor form can also provide an almost instantaneous psychoactive impact as it swiftly enters the bloodstream. Although smoking cannabis utilizes a similar transformation method to vapor, cannabis vaporizers are considered safer because they do not involve cannabis vapers lighting the cigarette themselves and overheating their cannabis. Besides, it also doesn’t produce a unique odor that may expose the cannabis vaping lifestyle to the public.

As the number of cannabis vaporizer brands increases, cannabis vapers will have plenty of distinctive options to select from. This happens as the competitive landscape in the cannabis vaporizer industry is getting fiercer and fiercer. Out of the numerous brands, cannabis vapers must choose wisely to find which cannabis vaporizer brand pays attention to safety precautions and vaporizes the cannabis extract efficiently to offer an otherworldly cannabis vaping experience. Let’s now discuss some factors that determine if a cannabis vape device is safe and efficient in its vaporizing performance.

#1 Credible cannabis source

A good cannabis vaporizer brand will have a standardized quality of the cannabis extract it chooses to come with the device to ensure consumer safety. The most preferred cannabis type is none other than the homegrown one due to how we have visibility toward the cannabis treatment purity. However, at the commercial level, the best and least costly alternative is to find suppliers that possess any organic certifications. The medical-grade cannabis is also an excellent option to consider as it will need to go through more rigorous testing for contaminants and quality before distribution.

#2 Heating technology

As we already understand, cannabis vaporizers utilize heat to turn cannabis extracts into vapor. The most common types of heating technology for wax or flower in a cannabis vape device are conduction and convection. Conduction technology works by electrically heating the cannabis extract directly in contact with a piece of heating element, such as metal. The drawback of this technology is that it is harder to regulate the temperature level and has a chance of overburning or unevenly heating the cannabis extracts. Meanwhile, the convection method heated the cannabis extracts through the air without requiring the cannabis extract to be near the heating core. Many experienced cannabis vapers prefer the convection method due to its optimal heating performance.

In the recent development of a cannabis vaporizer, many brands have already implemented a temperature control function for cannabis oil extract. With this feature, the cannabis vapers can effortlessly control and set the temperature suitable for their cannabis extract. This is important as different cannabinoids and terpenes usually have different viscosities and boiling points. When we expose too much heat to the cannabis extract more than needed, we may experience the infuriating burnt taste, which we often encounter when we smoke cannabis. 

#3 The vaporizer element design

While using the cannabis vaporizer, cannabis vapers should understand the risk that they may not only inhale cannabinoids into their bodies. Many cannabis vapers who use a cannabis vaporizer with a metal heating coil may be exposed to the risk of inhaling heavy metals, such as leads, chromium, manganese, and nickel, that can contaminate the resulting vapor. Therefore, choosing a cannabis vaporizer with either glass or high-grade plastic oil tank is recommended since these materials are not easy to react with metals or generate any toxins after heating. 

#4 The size of the cannabis tank

Sometimes people may think choosing a cannabis vaporizer with a smaller tank may help cannabis vapers stay efficient in getting the most original flavor and aroma. On the other side, some people support that having a bigger cannabis tank is better because it can carry more cannabis extracts and be more cost-effective for both customer and business. However, most large-volume vape pen cannot completely recover the original flavor because it requires a well-designed and high-end ceramic heating core that is pretty anti-brittle in order to burden a longer-term repeated heating process and able to transmit proper flavor constantly without influencing the consistency. To reach the expected vaping experience by using large-volume vape pen, Cilicon has been developing a well-structured ceramic and a series of cutting-edge technologies(see below) to support long-term usage while maintaining their daily dose of cannabinoids. 

Cilicon: Grab Your Safest and Most Efficient Cannabis Vape Devices

Now that we know some factors to ensure product safety and vaporizing efficiency in a cannabis vape device, Cilicon wants to offer our quintessential cannabis vaporizers with abundant features to satisfy these specific needs. For instance, Cilicon’s understanding of the downside of a metal heating core makes us choose the ceramic heating core to give cannabis users the best and optimal vaping experience. We selected only the premium-quality ceramic materials coupled with top-notch technology to produce a compact micropore ceramic core and paired it with an Alchrome (Iron-Chromium-Aluminum) FeCrAl electric resistance heating coil to ensure the cannabis vapers have the safest heating core that distinguishes your vaporizer in the cannabis market.

In terms of tank capacity, Cilicon provides a wide range of options for consumers to pick up, including both small-capacity and large capacity. Besides having flexible capacity selections, we also implement a v-shaped design that ultimately improves cannabis consumption efficiency. Cilicon team designed the bottom of the oil tank as a v-shape to ensure that the remaining concentrated cannabis oil slid along the gradient curve, entering the oil inlet holes seamlessly. So, let’s bid farewell to the leftover cannabis oil that will save cannabis vapers dimes!

Cilicon also wants to introduce the BioBaleen™ Module that disrupts the industry’s traditional tank cap by combining traditional cotton filter and silicone cap as one united component in the form of a silicone brush. The supple silicone brushes effortlessly replace the function of conventional cotton filters, which are commonly used to mitigate oil splashes that cannabis vape enthusiasts may inhale by accident while vaping, making it safer than the conventional filter.

Cilicon genuinely acknowledges product safety and consumption efficiency as the two fundamental factors that cannabis vapers search for in a cannabis vape device. As Cilicon realizes this importance, we make our product lines reflect these two factors through our sophisticated features. As a result, our ultramodern visions of a cannabis vaporizer transform us into your reliable cannabis vaporizer manufacturing partner, aiding you to become the leading cannabis vaporizer brand! To learn more about CILICON, please visit

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