Seeker 3 Pro: The Expert’s Choice for Finding What Matters

Seeker 3 Pro

The Seeker 3 Pro is an ultra-bright floodlight flashlight great for outdoor activities. Its 4 high-performance cool white LEDs boast an incredible max output of 4,200 lumens and a 250-meter beam distance. The newly adopted rotary knob switch on the head allows for smooth adjustment between brightness levels. Surrounding the rotary knob are the indicators to reveal the brightness and battery levels in real-time. The built-in proximity and thermal sensors keep the light and nearby objects safe in higher settings. Continuing with its classic style, the Seeker 3 Pro is more powerful, way brighter, and packed with new refinements that make it one of the most well-designed pocket lights out there. 

Seeker 3 Pro is Brighter and smarter


The Seeker 3 Pro is a powerful and versatile flashlight that has been designed for those who demand the best. With its impressive 4,200 lumen output, this flashlight is brighter than ever before, making it perfect for use in any situation where you need to see clearly. Whether you’re camping in the woods or exploring a dark basement, the Seeker 3 Pro has got you covered.

But this isn’t just any ordinary flashlight – it’s also smarter than ever before. Equipped with a proximity sensor, it can detect when objects are nearby and adjust its brightness accordingly. This means that if you’re walking around your campsite at night and come across something close by, the Seeker 3 Pro will automatically adjust its brightness to ensure that you can see clearly without being blinded.

MAX OUTPUT    4,200 lumens

MAX RUNTIME  15 days

MAX THROW     250 meters


  • Everyday Carry 
  • Outdoors 
  • Law Enforcement 


  • Proximity sensor
  • Thermal sensor
  • Milled Finger Grooves
  • Rotary Knob Switch
  • MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Brightness Level Indicator
  • Battery Level Indicator 
  • High-Performance LEDs
  • TIR Optic Lens


Max output of 4,200 lumens, 31% higher than the Seeker 2 Pro

The Seeker 3 Pro feature is the talk of the town among flashlight enthusiasts. With a staggering max output of 4,200 lumens, it outshines its predecessor, the Seeker 2 Pro by an impressive 31 lumens. But what does this mean for consumers? In short, more brightness and reliability.

The new Seeker 3 Pro feature offers a brighter and wider beam that can illuminate larger areas with ease. Whether you’re camping in the woods or working on a construction site at night, this flashlight has got you covered. The increased lumen output not only provides better visibility but also helps to increase safety levels in low-light environments.

Rotary knob switch

Press or rotate the highly integrated rotary knob switch to quickly access different output levels. 

The Seeker 3 Pro is a highly advanced flashlight that comes with a unique feature the rotary knob switch. This switch allows users to easily access different output levels by pressing or rotating them. The knob is highly integrated, which means it’s easy to use and provides smooth transitions between light levels.

With this knob, you can quickly adjust the brightness of your flashlight depending on your needs. If you’re in a dark environment where you need maximum illumination, then simply rotate the knob to get more brightness. Conversely, if you’re in an area with low lighting conditions and want to preserve battery life, just turn the knob down to lower output levels. Intuitive indicators dashboard for clearly revealing the battery and brightness levels.

Built-in thermal and proximity sensors

The Seeker 3 Pro feature is a game-changer when it comes to detecting and preventing potential hazards in your environment. With its built-in thermal and proximity sensors, you can rest assured that the device will protect against overheating or obstruction. The Seeker 3 Pro is designed to be durable and reliable, making it the perfect tool for professionals who require accurate measurements.

The thermal sensor detects changes in temperature, which allows the Seeker 3 Pro to detect overheating before it becomes a problem. This feature is essential for industries such as engineering, manufacturing, and construction where heat can cause serious damage to equipment and structures. Additionally, with its proximity sensors, the Seeker 3 Pro can detect any obstructions that may impede its movement or compromise safety measures.

Stylish dermatoglyphic silicone wrap

The Seeker 3 Pro is a trailblazing device that has taken the outdoor community by storm. It is packed with advanced features that make it reliable, convenient and functional in every way. One of the standout features of this device is its stylish dermatoglyphic silicone wrap with finger grooves that make it soft and non-slip to grip. This feature not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also makes it easier for users to handle.

The silicone wrap on the Seeker 3 Pro provides an extra layer of protection for the device, making it more durable and resistant to wear and tear. The finger grooves ensure that your fingers fit comfortably in place, providing a secure grip even in wet or slippery conditions. The nonslip design allows you to use the device with ease during hikes, camping trips or any other outdoor activity where a firm grip is crucial.

5000mAh battery 

The Seeker 3 Pro is a high-quality flashlight designed to be employed in various scenarios, such as outdoor activities or emergency situations. The flashlight has recently undergone an upgrade with the addition of a new feature that sets it apart from its predecessors. The customized 5000mAh battery extends the maximum runtime to an impressive 15 days, providing users with more extended functionality and increased peace of mind.

The Seeker 3 Pro’s new customized battery is specially designed to provide longer-lasting power without compromising on quality or performance. This means you can use your flashlight for extended periods without worrying about running out of juice. 

MCC3 magnetic charging cable 

The Seeker 3 Pro is a premium and versatile flashlight designed for those who require reliable and powerful lighting solutions. One of the standout features of this flashlight is its MCC3 magnetic charging cable, which allows for up to 2A charging current. This means that you can quickly charge your Seeker 3 Pro in just a few hours, ensuring that it’s always ready when you need it.

The MCC3 magnetic charging cable is incredibly simple to use, making it an ideal choice for those who are constantly on the go. Simply attach the magnetic charger to the base of your Seeker 3 Pro and plug the USB end into any compatible power source. The charger will then automatically detect your device and begin charging at up to 2A, allowing you to get back to what you were doing without any interruptions.

Gets locked out automatically after 30 seconds 

The Seeker 3 Pro is a state-of-the-art metal detector that comes packed with advanced features to make your treasure-hunting experience as smooth and efficient as possible. One of the standout features of this device is its automatic lockout system, which ensures that the device doesn’t waste battery when not in use. After 30 seconds of non-operation, the device gets locked out automatically.

This feature provides two key benefits for users. Firstly, it enhances battery life by conserving energy when not in active use. This means you can enjoy longer detection periods without having to worry about running out of juice halfway through your session. Secondly, it adds an extra level of security to ensure that your equipment stays safe at all times.


In conclusion, the Seeker 3 Pro is an impressive device that has been recommended by industry experts, making it a must-have item for all your search needs. With its advanced design and intuitive interface, you can easily find what matters to you in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, its robust construction makes it ideal for long-term use and protection against normal wear and tear. You can trust that the Seeker 3 Pro will be your go-to device when it comes to locating important information.