How to Select the Best Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are designed for law enforcement use or members of the military and special service ops. They are built to handle the toughest conditions and terrains or keep up with the needs of the military men. The purpose of wearing tactical boots is to provide protection for your feet from the hazardous elements that the wearer is exposed to. It goes without saying that you need to closely examine the features of the tactical boots to ensure that it can handle the job.

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What Are Tactical Boots For? 

Based on their name, you can determine that tactical boots have their origin in military use. They were designed for military men or soldiers that operate in harsh and demanding conditions. While they were not made primarily for fashion purposes, the styles of tactical boots that were available in the market evolved over the years. Nowadays, they are worn by individuals who are not in the military but need the kind of protection that these boots offer.

When shopping for tactical boots, you will find that there are quite a few choices out there. The options can be classified into four basic types: standard issue, jump boots, tanker boots, and those made for extreme weather.

The standard issue boots are the most common. These are the basic boots that were initially used by police and other law enforcement personnel. They are made of hardened materials such as leather with slip-resistance and are typically waterproof in design. It is a great all-purpose boot.

The jump boots were first invented during World War II. They are often reinforced in the ankle and heel area. The addition of the hard toe is something that was introduced in recent years. As the name implies, this is the best choice for those that require mobility.

Tanker boots are the third type of tactical boots available in the market. This is called as such because of its tall design and the integration of safety features. This is recommended for those who work with heavy machinery or for soldiers who will be walking through thick vegetation (the height provides extra protection for your feet).

Finally, the extreme weather boots are those designed for the toughest weather conditions and terrains. They are suited for use during winter, or for use in the jungle, desert, or forest.

What to Look For in Tactical Boots

To find the best tactical boots worth investing in, take note of these factors and features you need to consider. If you’re looking to buy a new boot, here is a great list of the top tactical boots. Very professional and looks like a thorough inspection was done here. Anyway, here are the factors you must consider:

1. Material

The type of material used is the primary consideration when looking for the best tactical boots. Most tactical boots in the market are made with any of the following materials: leather, rubber, and synthetic mesh. However, it is important to evaluate your needs and the intended use so that you can determine the right type of material to choose.

For example, leather is a good option if you want your tactical boots to be waterproof. If you need breathability, you can look for ones with synthetic mesh on the upper material to facilitate air flow.

2. Weather Proofing

The quality of the material is also directly linked to the weather proofing that the tactical boots offer. This particular feature is one of the primary reasons why many choose to buy tactical boots over any other type of boots. It is designed to protect your feet and keep it dry under most conditions. Otherwise, you could suffer from frostbite or trench foot, depending on where you wear them.

Make sure you know the conditions that you are exposed to so you can determine the type and level of weatherproofing that you can get from a pair of tactical boots.

3. Safety Features

Tactical boots are supposed to protect your feet and keep the wearer safe. To achieve that, it must be integrated with a variety of safety features. Aside from weatherproofing, it must protect you from electrical hazards, or have non-slip soles. The latter will ensure that you have good traction when walking on slippery or wet surfaces, which is always a possibility at work or in military use.

The addition of a steel or hard plastic toe is also essential. It provides an extra layer of protection for your toes when handling heavy machinery or objects. A sturdy upper is also a must. This will give extra stability and support for your ankles.

4. Comfort

Tactical boots are made to be worn in active situations. Therefore, comfort is very important because you want to be able to focus on the task at hand. Even though tactical boots look rugged and bulky, they should be lightweight enough so you won’t have to put on extra work for your feet. Ideally, the material and the construction should deliver comfort that you won’t suffer from blisters when wearing it for the first time.

In addition, the boots must be firm but flexible. It should facilitate the maximum range of movement for your feet.

5. Quality and Durability

A good pair of tactical boots must be reliable enough to last for many years. What good are the other features above if they get damaged after a few uses? It must be designed to withstand the toughest conditions so that you can use them for a long time.

A good pair of tactical boots must last you for at least 2 years given that you provide it with proper care and maintenance.