The fastest ways to sell a house on the present real estate market

The real estate industry is one of the most enduring business sectors. Why? Because people will always need a place to stay, and their two main options are to buy or rent a house. But the real estate market isn’t immune to changes and as a real estate agent you have to keep up with the latest trends. If you do not get comfortable by doing the bare minimum to sell houses then you’ll find this article a source of inspiration.

In the below list you’ll find some of the fastest ways to sell a property.

Create a video tour of the house

Video Tour House 44All top real estate agents nowadays are using video content in addition to photos to promote the houses they list on sale. Prospective buyers want to see how the house looks before visiting it and a video would allow them. It’s important to work with an experienced company to create the presentational video because they are skilled in producing video content and they will know what aspects the video should reveal.

You should invest in a drone to take pictures and videos of the properties and neighbourhood. When looking for a house people consider the area a decisive factor.

If you don’t have the budget for creating videos for all the houses you want to sell, you can use slideshow presentations to promote them. It’s an affordable way to market a real estate and you can do it by yourself.

Use different channels to market your houses

House Selling image4 484848484If you are an experienced real estate agent, you may find hard to adopt a new marketing strategy. But if you notice that other younger entrepreneurs attract your clients then their marketing plan may be more successful than yours. Here is how you can upgrade yours.

If you don’t have a website it’s the moment to design it. The first step is to buy your domain name, and it’s simple to do it, you should use your own name because it’s easy and straightforward for potential clients to find you. A creative and effective way to name a real estate website is to use one of the latest domain extensions like, .forsale or .agency. It will immediately communicate your viewers you’re operating in real estate.

Attach a blog to your website because it will help you reach a wider audience. Write a descriptive article for every one of the houses you sell, attach photos and videos to the presentation and share the blog on social media channels. Adding this information increases your chances of a property buying company locating you and approaching you.

If you know to use social media, your marketing efforts will definitely be successful. Most people have smartphones nowadays and your social media posts have the greatest chances to reach the right buyer.

Clean the house

Clean the houseThe moment someone hires you to sell their house you should call a professional company to clean it. Make sure they enter every room of the house and they focus their attention on the kitchen and bath, these are the two first spaces a prospective buyer will verify. This is a piece of advice useful for both the times when you sell or rent a property. Before listing it on sale or rent, the property should be converted and cleaned to impress the visitors. Usually, they check the condition of the carpets, the state of the walls, the way the window frames look, and the functionality of home appliances.

When cleaning the house, the professional team will also address the source of bad smells, because odours can easily drive a buyer away. Sometimes the homeowner is not aware that the smell is there, they are used to it. As an outsider, you’ll definitely feel it and if they want to sell the house fast, they should follow your piece of advice. Most of the times the bad odour comes from pets or cooking and these two smells can immediately kill a home sale because buyers think they will never be able to get rid of them. Remove them before bringing prospective buyers to visit the property.

Ask the homeowner to remove the clutter

Too much clutterOne of the fastest ways to sell a house is to get rid of the clutter, and make the space look liveable. The more clutter, the more uncomfortable prospective buyers will feel, and the lower the chances to sell the real estate are. It’s advisable to ask the homeowners to remove the clutter and put away the things that don’t enhance the aesthetics of the space.

If the homeowner wants to move the furniture into their new house, once they sell the old, one you should suggest them to take it out, and place it in a storage space.

A cluttered house makes the space look smaller than it actually is, and it can prevent you to make the most of a sale. People nowadays want to buy bright houses, properties that have open spaces and allow them to enjoy their personal space. Your role is to help the buyer visualise the house they visit as their perfect home.

If the house you try to sell has a front yard, take care of it before listing the real estate on sale. It’s the first thing buyers notice when they check the property and it should impress them. You don’t have to be extravagant, if the house front yard doesn’t have a fountain you shouldn’t install one. But you should hire a professional gardener to mow the lawn, trim the bushes and plant some flowers. People have the habit to gather unwanted things in the back of the house, and if this is the case ask them to remove everything and transform the space into a patio. It will increase the value of the house and it will make easier for you to sell it.

There you have it – some of the fastest ways to sell a real estate, you can choose one or combine multiple to boost your sales.