A Closer Look at SEO and User Experience

User experience is everything. Yes, you heard that right. User experience forms the heart and soul of digital marketing. Efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not enough. You need to provide your customers with a rich experience if you wish to drive conversions. Users will stop visiting your website if it isn’t engaging and user-friendly.

SEO and user experience image 4994994994So, in order to drive conversions, you need to make SEO and UX work in tandem. Now, that’s a job easier said than done. Ah, don’t worry, you don’t need to be a UX expert for providing better user experience to your target audience. If you happen to be searching for a Maryland SEO company, then make sure it also provides you with strategies to enhance consumer experience.

Also, it has to be noted that not all of the best practices are going to be the “best” thing for you. Something that might work for your competitors might not work for you. It depends on your customers, your visitors, and the nature and scope of your business. You need to formulate a strategy while keeping in mind your needs and requirements. Here are a few things you can consider:

Keyword  Research

The first (and obvious) step would be to conduct comprehensive keyword research. This would impact everything, right from design to web content. In all fairness, keyword research isn’t a “Best Practice”. It is the first thing that an online marketer is supposed to undertake. Everything you do is dependent on keyword research. Furthermore, you can also undertake

Here are a few tips

Searcher Language is the most important bit

Keywords provide us with valuable insights into the user’s/customer’s mind. It tells us what customers think about our services and products. More often than not, businesses tend to use languages that are used by people working within the industry. However, many of the researchers do not work directly as part of the industry, which means they might not be aware of the “official” words that are used frequently within a particular industry. You need to keep the words relevant if you wish to witness a positive outcome.

Keeping the ‘scent’ intact

The job doesn’t end after you’ve got the visitors to click on the link to your website. There’s still a lot of work left to be done. One thing that needs to be noted is: visitors are always in a hurry. They won’t look at the entire thing. There must be something about the search result that made them click on the link to your site. They have decided to travel on the path based on a scent. You need to lead them to their destination based on the ‘scent’ they are following.

There was something about your search result that made them click into your site. They have started down a path based on that scent. You gotta keep the scent intact. This would confirm that you exactly what they are looking for. Don’t let them lose track of the ‘scent’. You will lose them the moment they lose the scent.

Site ID is just as important

A book is always judged by its cover. The name and logo of the company would be looked at by the visitors the moment they land on your website. The name and logo should be clearly visible. Keep both of these on the top-left corner of the website. It is a good idea to search for companies carrying out  web design in Frederick MD.

Content forms the heart and soul of your retention strategy

This is the most important part. If the content is substandard, everything else is bound to go for a toss. You need to prepare content that keeps your target audience hooked. Provide them with a solution to their problems (pertaining to user engagement and SEO).

That’s pretty much about it.

All the measures mentioned in this article form part of what we call online marketing, digital marketing, or Internet marketing.

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