Why do server rooms have raised floors?

Server rooms raised floors image for article 4993993In any and every business, the office setup is just for show. The most crucial part is the data center, as no company can survive without it. Nothing compliments a data room better than the long-standing tradition of raised floors.

When it comes to raised access flooring, you can opt for metal pedestal and standard floor tiles or lockdown floor tiles, though the former one tends to be associated with more flexibility than the latter one. This article mentions a few benefits of investing in raised floors.

Maintain the right temperature

The server rooms are equipped with heavy machinery that releases a significant amount of hot air. This, in turn, results in heating up the entire system and slowing the whole process. It could also lead to fires.

A raised floor gives you ample space to install an excellent underfloor ventilation system to control the temperature. Along with this, it allows you to deal with humidity, which can harm the system.

Ideal place for loose wires

The machinery requires different types of wiring, including data and electrical. If you leave the cables on the floor, then it will be one big mess. You won’t be able to move freely or easily from one end of the room to the other.

However, you can put all the wires in the space provided under the floor. It makes maintenance of the wires much more accessible. You can open a particular floor tile that seems to be the area of concern and fix the problem.

Avoid damage to equipment

The utility of water in office spaces ranges from quenching thirst to sanitation. Under no circumstance can you avoid the server room while laying down the pipework for your office. If you install the plumbing in the roof, there is a significantly greater risk of equipment damage due to leaks or burst pipes.

A better alternative to this situation is to think about leaving a substantial gap between the floor and the ground below it. This will allow you to keep your equipment safe from water damage, which can be devastating for your company’s profitability, especially of you lose all your precious data.

More natural restructuring and organizing the entire setup

Apart from protecting you equipment and valuable data, a server room without unsightly wiring all over the place looks well-run and professional. A chaotic-looking workplace can sometimes undermine employee morale.

Setting everything up may require a lot of money. This is an inevitable fact of life in the world of business today. However, the benefits will most definitely outweigh the costs. In other words, it will be worth the investment.

Prevent injury around the workspace

If the cables are spread out on the floor, there is a greater risk of tripping and falling. It could lead to significant injuries, such as a fracture or sprain. A serious injury can negatively affect somebody for life, and could also cost your company a lot of money if that person decides to sue.

If an employee cannot work because of an injury, productivity is affected. Lower productivity can make a business less profitable.


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