Setting Up Your Small Spa Storefront

If you’re opening a spa, you know firsthand that there’s a lot of work to be done. While you have plenty of networking to do to get your business off the ground, you also need to spend some time setting up your storefront. The place you host your clients is what will make lasting impressions and determine whether they come back. The following tips will help you set up a comfortable space for your clients and employees to enjoy.

Have a Set Staff Area

The first thing to include when working on your storefront is a dedicated staff area. In any business, the employees are vital to success. When it comes to running a spa, that fact is even more crucial. Without relaxed and grounded staff, your clients will feel stressed, anxious, and unable to fully enjoy their experience. By having a set area for your team to enjoy meals, take client calls, and spend breaks, you can keep your clients happy in turn.

Along those lines, you should also have a room to handle the business side of things. If you have the space, a conference room is a perfect addition to your storefront. With a conference room, you can meet with employees, handle HR issues, and work on networking. Conference room technology ideas like computers and smart devices will keep you and your business moving as the days go by.

Keep Client Rooms Private

The second thing to do when setting up your storefront is to keep client rooms private. When someone is getting a treatment, the last thing they want is to be on display. Depending on the size of your space, you may be able to close off client rooms entirely, or you might have to get creative.

If you don’t have the room for individual client spaces, adding curtains or room dividers can give customers peace of mind and privacy while getting treatments done. While services like facials and manicures don’t feel very invasive, more intimate therapies such as massages should happen privately to ensure client comfort. By keeping treatment rooms private, you can maintain a good standard of customer happiness in your spa.

Make Use of Storage Space

Your final step in setting up your spa storefront should be to use your storage space effectively. The last thing you want when a client comes into your spa is for there to be stuff sitting everywhere. No matter how large the area is, you should make room for storage. Solutions like cabinets, shelves, and closet organizers will help you stay tidy and maximize the room you have.

Similarly, keep your storage spaces clean. When your business inevitably grows and you hire more staff, they shouldn’t have to go on a three-day mission to find one item. Your storage should be tidy and organized to keep everyone happy, whether it’s your employees or clients. By using the storage space you have, you can help your spa feel more relaxing.

In summary, your spa storefront should feel just as soothing as the treatment you administer. With these tips, clients will be happy and relaxed the second they walk in the door.

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