Seven Steps to Complete Porting an Insurance Policy

Selecting a health insurance plan is not something to be taken lightly. After all, it is a matter of the health and wellness for you and your family members. So, it is completely understandable if you are not satisfied with your current insurer and looking to port your policy to a new insurance company. Porting a health insurance plan is pretty simple, and it involves the following seven steps.

1. Select the New Insurer 

You need to go online and research about the best health insurance company in India provided by different lenders and select one that meets your needs. This might be a good time to seek some advice from a trusted insurance agent in case there is any confusion.

2. Applying to a New Insurer

It is time now for you to apply to a new insurance company, which you do either through an insurance agent or online. But it is important to keep in mind that you need to apply for porting at least forty-five days before your health insurance policy expires. Also, every insurer does not guarantee portability. They might simply decline your proposal if the risk of porting is deemed unacceptable according to their policy

3. Fill Out the Application Form

After the new insurance company gets your application for porting the insurance, they will send you all the health insurance policy forms that you need to fill up in time. Check to make sure you have filled up all the details asked by the insurer before duly submitting the forms.

4. Detailed Background Verification

Your new insurer will conduct a thorough verification of all the details you provided. It involves a screening of your medical history and past claims. They will request the details of your present insurance company to verify this information for your health insurance policy.

The period of verification is not the same for every insurer. Typically, it takes around a week or two to complete this process for the best health insurance plan.

5. Exchanging Information as Asked

Your present insurance company will pass on all the information the new one asks for, through the IRDIA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) portal. The portal mentions a particular format regarding information exchange and porting health insurance plans.

6. Framing the Insurance Proposal

After getting the required details from the present insurance company, your new insurer will frame the proposal as per their rules and regulations.

7. Sending your Proposal

Your insurance policy is processed by the new insurance company, and you will get their proposal within two weeks. If your new insurer has all the necessary details and is still not sending you the proposal, be assured that they are legally bound to go ahead with the porting of the health insurance in India.

The Bottom Line

The best health insurance company for your friend might not suit your needs. In that case, rather than sticking to your present insurer, it is always better to port your policy. And now you know all the steps to complete the process.

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