Seven Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Online Casinos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzz word of the moment! Asides from being the focus of hundreds of science fiction movies, this top technology is taking centre stage in many sectors, including finance, healthcare, automotive and gambling. Machine learning enables machines to think by themselves, it gives them an ability to respond to questions and form conclusions, all without the need for human presence. This is just one of the reasons it’s being adopted by an array of top-tier gambling establishments…

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Slot Machines

Casino platforms across the globe have been using Artificial Intelligence to better their online offerings for some time now. This impressive software has almost entirely replaced the automated system. The end result? Slot machines kitted out with AI are seeing a reduction in foul play. When it comes to providing fair game trend, this is a plus for both players and the casino.


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Customer Support

Companies all over the world are fighting for customer attention, and they are using technology to discover new ways to get it. Ensuring customers are happy is one way for casinos to keep their clientele. Artificial Intelligence has had a huge effect on how the casino interacts with the consumer, specifically through the use of chatbots. These AI-infused tools allow online platforms to provide customer support at the touch of a button. AI has the ability to teach chatbots a variety of widely-used keywords, giving them the power to answer an array of common customer concerns. In addition to this, AI uses voice recognition and analysis to understand and respond to spoken sentences. With online casino competition at an all time high, platforms need to go the extra mile to ensure they stand out. One way to do this, is to offer a memorable customer experience.

Identifying Players

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a huge help when it comes to the onboarding process, which includes profiling and identifying players. Today’s virtual casinos have numerous processes in place to help them determine that players are real people. AI has the ability to reduce fraudulent behaviour, pinpointing red flags such as stolen personal data. Automated verification processes and face-recognition are just a handful of the tools available to casinos, which assist in identifying real players, without the need to check documents manually.

Targeting New Customer 

AI technology allows marketers to separate their consumers into distinct personas and understand what motivates them based on their current behaviours and the predictions of their future behaviours. In order to reach new customers, online casinos must promote their offerings. Artificial intelligence is helping an abundance of platforms target potential customers through tailor-made, online ads. Analytics provide casinos with data collected by AI-powered algorithms, which tells them when and where to place ads, what information to include and how to personalise for a particular market.

Gambling Addiction 

Encouraging gambling addictions isn’t something on a self-respecting online casinos agenda. On top of this, no player wants to become addicted. AI is helping establishments tackle this serious issue through player data analysis, by identifying problematic behaviour, nailing down early addiction and taking the necessary prevention steps. Accounts suspected of gambling addictions will be suspended and players will be given the opportunity to get help. This method safeguards online casinos when it comes to promoting safe gaming environments.

Smart Data

Smart data is a sought after tool today, especially for online casinos. This technology allows establishments to collect data from current customers to ensure they’re being targeted by bespoke deals. AI algorithms allow casinos to create a personalised gaming experience, aimed at specific players, providing offers that appeal to a certain audience. As AI begins to grow, so will the data.

Virtual Reality

Although in its early stages, virtual reality (VI) gaming is set to excel in the near future. This technology, driven by Artificial Intelligence, will make it possible for players to take part in popular pastimes including blackjack, slots and roulette in a virtual reality. With the advent of VI, the future is promising a series of exciting innovations in the online gaming world. For now, we better watch this space.

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