Is Shared Hosting Suitable for a Business Website?

There are many misconceptions about shared hosting. While it isn’t as powerful or comprehensive as dedicated hosting, shared hosting is still a solid option for businesses looking for a website host.

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Make Your Site Nimble

A slow website is detrimental for businesses in a variety of ways. First of all, a slow website equates to poor user experience. If using your website is an unpleasant process, people simply won’t bother. Of all the things you can do to ensure your website’s speed, choosing a powerful host is among the most effective. There are a few other things that will significantly impact how quickly your site loads for users.

Shared hosting packages today offer much greater bandwidth than used to be available. Dedicated servers are much more expensive and are only necessary for the biggest websites. Shared hosting can provide adequate bandwidth for most businesses, especially with the availability of professional shared hosting plans.

Ensure Maximum Uptime

Your host’s uptime is the percentage of the time that your website is available. In 2020, you should not accept anything less than 99% uptime. Most hosts today will offer more than 99%, although the difference at this point is negligible. Maintaining such a high uptime figure requires the host to have redundancies in place. Should your website become inaccessible, a failsafe will kick in to ensure that it remains accessible.

Dedicated hosting is way more expensive than shared hosting, but it offers little to no benefit in terms of uptime. Shared hosting providers still guarantee a minimum uptime of 99%.

Return on Investment

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting or a VPS. While dedicated hosting is more powerful, it is overkill for most businesses. A shared hosting package will better serve SMEs. The savings involved will also represent a greater portion of their overall spend.

As you can see from the Knownhost cPanel Hosting guide, cPanel offers three shared hosting tiers depending on your needs. The difference in cost between each tier is minimal; they are all easily affordable for businesses.

Improve Your Overall Site Health And SEO

A good host will help organically improve your SEO in several ways. A faster and more agile website will be better at holding users’ attention and generating consistent traffic. Both of these factors will give your SEO a boost and will augment your other SEO techniques.

With a variety of shared hosting packages available, each tailored to a different need, there is a package out there for everyone. Shared hosting packages that will optimize your website’s performance and provide the best user experience possible without breaking the bank are now easily accessible.

Shared hosting isn’t just an adequate solution for hosting a business website; it offers numerous advantages. Any business with a website to host should seriously consider whether a shared hosting package will serve them better than the alternatives. Compared to shared hosting, dedicated servers are way too expensive, and VPS way too underpowered for most businesses.

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