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ShareSight makes it easy to see your investments’ performance in one place. You’ll get an overview of your stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The software automatically imports your transactions, tracks your gains and losses, and generates reports for tax time.

Usually, a subscription costs $12 to $25 per month, but with our exclusive promo link, you’ll get up to 33% off. That means you pay as little as $8 monthly or $72 annually. At that price, ShareSight pays for itself if it helps you make just one well-informed trade.

Over 300,000 DIY investors worldwide rely on ShareSight. It connects to over 200 brokers, so you can aggregate all your accounts. The intuitive interface gives insights into your portfolio’s health, making it ideal for new and seasoned investors. For a better understanding of what ShareSight offers, here is a detailed ShareSight review.

What is ShareSight?

ShareSight is a powerful yet intuitive portfolio-tracking software. It allows you to see all your investments in one convenient spot.

ShareSight provides users with detailed performance dividend tracking and tax reporting. It has quickly grown to over 300,000 investors, with 200+ software, broker, and partner integrations.

  • The free plan gives you a taste of the key features. You get an overview of your portfolio’s performance and can manually enter buy and sell trades.
  • Paid plans unlock automated syncing with brokers, advanced performance reporting, and tax tools. Plans start at $9 a month.

Whether ShareSight suits you depends on your needs and budget. Since the basic plan is free, you can try it risk-free. If you want a simple but robust portfolio tracker, ShareSight is worth considering.

How Does ShareSight Work?

ShareSight makes it easy to track your investment portfolio. Sign up for a free account and connect your brokerage accounts. ShareSight will automatically import your transactions, holdings, and market data. It will track the performance of over 240,000 stocks, ETFs, and funds across global markets.

You’ll get an overview of your portfolio’s value, returns, and asset allocation. See how your investments perform over time and compare them to major market indices. ShareSight can also track other asset classes like cash, property, and cryptocurrencies. Get a consolidated view of your entire net worth in one place.

With intuitive charts, reports, and tax tools, ShareSight gives you the insights to make better investment decisions. Optimize your portfolio’s performance and tax efficiency with ShareSight.

Top ShareSight Features

ShareSight’s features make gaining valuable insights into your investment portfolio easy. Some of the top features include:

  • Integrations: ShareSight connects to over 200 global brokers and 40+ markets, allowing you to integrate all your investments in one place. This gives you a holistic view of your portfolio’s performance and risk exposure.
  • Portfolio Analysis: ShareSight provides an in-depth analysis of your portfolio’s returns, including the ability to calculate returns inclusive of dividends for total return. You can also see the impact of currency changes on your international investments. 
  • Tax Reporting: ShareSight tracks dividends and generates tax reports to simplify tax time. You’ll have a clear view of the tax implications of your investments, making it easy to report your capital gains and losses.
  • Dividend Tracking: ShareSight tracks dividends and distributions for over 240,000 global stocks and funds, providing a history of up to 20 years. You’ll have full visibility into the income generated by your portfolio.
  • Diversity Report: ShareSight’s Diversity Report analyzes your portfolio’s diversification across asset classes, sectors, countries, and more. Diversification is key to stable long-term returns, so these insights help you understand and address any risks from lack of diversification.

ShareSight Pricing & Plans

ShareSight offers affordable pricing plans to suit different investor needs. Their paid subscriptions provide advanced features for portfolio management and tax reporting. Plus, they are cheaper than other platforms, including Bookmap and Simply Wall Street.

ShareSight has a free plan plus three tiers of paid subscriptions:

  • Starter | $15/month
  • Investor | $24/month
  • Expert | $31/month

Annual billing provides reduced monthly rates:

  • Starter | $11.25/month
  • Investor | $18/month
  • Expert | $23.25/month

The free plan includes 1 portfolio, 10 holdings, 1 custom group, limited reporting, and basic support. The Starter plan adds more portfolios, holdings, and custom groups, plus standard support. The Investor plan provides advanced reporting, and the Expert plan includes full reporting and priority support.

ShareSight’s affordable pricing and useful features make portfolio management accessible for investors of all levels. Their paid plans offer enhanced capabilities at a reasonable cost, with discounts for annual subscriptions.

Is ShareSight Worth It?

If you’re dipping your toe into the world of investing, Sharesight’s free plan should suit you well. It lets you track a single brokerage account and comes with useful tools like dividend and tax reporting. However, for savvier investors juggling multiple accounts across brokers, Sharesight’s paid plans are a game changer. 

They give you a bird’s-eye view of your entire investment portfolio in one place so you can easily analyze performance and spot opportunities. Sharesight’s insights into metrics like returns, fees, and asset allocation ensure you’re optimizing your investment strategy.

To try ShareSight risk-free, use our exclusive link to save up to 33% off paid plans. See for yourself how ShareSight streamlines investment tracking and unlocks key insights to help you make smarter decisions. Whether you’re building wealth for the long haul or actively trading, ShareSight has robust yet intuitive tools for investors of all stripes. Click here to get started with ShareSight today.