How Do Yacht Transport and Boat Shipping Companies Generate Income?

Ever seen a yacht or boat floating over the horizon on the sea or lake and wondered how that got there? Well, surely a shipping company had a role to play in getting the boat to where it is now. But then you think to yourself, how do these companies make their money? Surely they get paid for transporting the boat or yacht, but there must be more to the story. Well, here is how these shipping companies generate their income.

Shipping companies - containers at port 4eTransport Methods

In order to understand how transport companies make their money, it is important to understand how they transport their cargo and the different transportation methods they use.

Overland Transport

Often, as you will find, small boats being transported short distances will often be transported overland. Trailers will carry them to where they need to be. Sometimes, the boats, depending on their size and destination, will be towed. 

Semi-Submersible Ships 

Semi-submersible ships (SSS) are used to transport larger cargo, which does include yachts. 

Deck Cargo

Another way to transport yachts is by loading them from the water or from the shore. This will be done by shore cranes, as they will be loaded in cradles. 

Container Shipment

Depending on how large the yacht is, they can also be transported by container shipments. 

The costs of shipping boats and yachts will include a number of things. They start with the cost of preparation, the cost of the cradle, and the cost of documentation. There are government fees, which include customs among other things. Finally, the biggest chunk is given to the costs of container shipments.

Shipping companies transporting containers downriver 43Making Money

A freight broker’s job is not easy and requires a lot of planning. They have to stay current and use more technology in their business affairs, as well as manage their time. This will include employing the appropriate transportation method according to the shipment, for efficiency and reliability.

The yacht transport & boat shipping company wizards at United Yacht Transport explain how a ship transporting yachts is a job that needs innovation and creativity. This helps them remain progressive and constantly exceed expectations.  

Yacht transport and boat shipping companies use a little trick to increase their profit margin and generate income. They charge the customer by 10%-15% of the supplier charge. They also charge clients for keeping the yacht or boat in a warehouse for more than 48 hours.

In order to cut their fees, they must make sure to have a solid plan, which can include simplifying their operations to make more deliveries. However, shipping companies need a strong, meticulous accounting department to calculate everything down to the smallest detail. This is because if they charge a low price they will lose a lot of money, and if they charge a high price they will lose their customers over time. The pricing must be precise and accurate.

Transporting companies are capable of generating great income when they have experienced accountants. They will also have to set rates correctly and spend more time winning over customers and building their customer relationships. A lot of logistical planning is also imperative, not forgetting the marketing as well. And remember, it is a job of creativity and innovation, and not just a technical job.


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