Shop for These Latest Mangalsutra Sets From Different Indian Regions

Marriage is the most beautiful affinity and what makes it so sacred in India is the vibrant traditions and culture. Indian weddings are a potpourri of extravagance and lively celebrations, filled with dance and music, and every culture in India has a unique ritual of performing wedding rituals. Hindu marriage symbolizes the coming together of two people and their cherished bond of commitment for life. Also, as per the Hindu culture, there are usually five signs that depict the marital status in India — Mangalsutra set, kumkum, toe rings, bangles, and a nose ring.

Magalsutra comprises two words:’ Mangal’ means holy, and ‘Sutra’ means thread. So the term Mangalsutra implies Holy Thread. It is principally a golden thread on which black beads remain strung, embellishing a woman’s neck since she gets married. In addition, during the wedding festivities, the groom ties this auspicious thread around the bride’s neck and holds equal significance as a wedding band in the west.

Based on Indian culture, Mangalsutra holds more than 15 names in different regions such as Dejhoor, Tanmaniya, Taagpaag, Thaali, Hirumangalyam, Minnu, Nallapusalu, Manthrakodi, Mangalasutramu , Maangalyamu, Pustelu, Ramar Bottu, Thaali Vatis, Dhaaremani, Maangalya-Sutra or Muhurthmani. So if you are a bride looking for a unique Mangalsutra set, you can choose one from these designs prevalent in the different Indian regions.

Bihari Mangalsutra (Taagpaag)

In the Bihari tradition, Mangalsutra is known as Taagpaag. They form an integral part of Bihar tradition and highlight a black beaded chain with a gold or diamond pendant.

Tamil Mangalsutra (Thaali Kodi)

Thaali Kodi or the Tamil Managalsutra is the token sign of a Hindu marriage, just as wedding rings signify loyalty, union, and respect for the partner. In the Tamil tradition, “Mangala Dharanam” is the ceremony when the groom ties the Mangalsutra around his bride’s neck. Also, in Tamil Nadu, there is a tradition of gifting gold chains for men to the groom as a gift.

Mangalyam, Thirumangalayam, Kodi or Thaaly. 

These Mangalsutra comes in numerous forms and shapes and are derived mythologically or based on family traditions. The patterns on the Thaaly have figurative replicas such as the Tulsi plant, family deity, Goddess Meenakshi, and Lord Shiva and weigh approximately 4-5 grams of gold.

Gujarati Mangalsutra

The Gujarati brides wear a classic mangalsutra with black beads woven with an elaborate gold pendant. Apart from this Mangalsutra, nose rings also signify the status of a married woman.

Maharashtrian Mangalsutra (Vati Mangalsutra)

The Maharashtrian mangalsutra set comprises a black studded chain with two bowl-shaped pendants. These gold pendants signify Lord Shiva and his wife Shakti, and the two strands of black beads in this Mangalsutra combined are symbolic of the husband and wife.

In addition, the black beads in the Maharashtrian Mangalsutra keep the evil eye away from a married woman and have a happy married life. Furthermore, “Shagun” and “Nirgun” are two kinds of black beads used in a Maharashtrian Mangalsutra, where Nirgun is a whole black beads chain and Shagun is when nine black beads remain separated by two golden beads.

Karnatak Mangalsutra (Karthamani Pathak)

In the Coorg city of Karnataka, the Coorgi ladies adorn “Karthamani Pathak” as the sign of their wedding, an equivalent of Mangalsutra for them. This Karthamani Pathak is a significant piece of jewellery for any Karnataka bride, and Karthamani and Pathak are two separate pendants.

The “Pathak” is the gold pendant in the Karanataka Mangalsutra that features a gold coin with an engraving of Goddess Lakshmi.

Furthermore, the coin pendant remains surmounted by a cobra that symbolizes fertility and sometimes has freshwater beads hanging from it. A Karnataka bride adorns this Mangalsutra a day before her marriage. Unlike other Indian cultures, the bride’s mother ties the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck and not the groom.

What Are Some Latest Mangalsutra Designs?

Mangalsutra is a part of vibrant Indian tradition and customs, and they are also becoming an indispensable part of most contemporary women’s ethnic wardrobes. Therefore, every modern designer is now coming up with some stunning variations that enhance the attractiveness of a Mangalsutra.

Furthermore, the best part about these modern designer Mangalsutras is that they never lose their traditional charm. From diamond-encrusted gold-plated Mangalsutra that own unique, elegant gleam to simple, single-string chains with minimalistic round pendants, there is a vast range of Magalsutra set options available for Indian women in recent times.

In addition, styling a Mangalsutra set is quite effortless. They typically have black and gold beads, which are well with most outfits. However, the most suitable way to team up your Mangalsutra is with a bridal combination of gold and red.

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