Should I Trade on a VPS?

Trading on the forex market is a network and hardware-intensive task. As such, many people with older PC or suboptimal network connections choose to use a VPS server as their trading device. This has led to the creation of special forex trading packages on many different VPS providers. But should you even go for trading on a server that you do not have physical access to? Is it safe to trust your financial operations and information to a third-party VPS server? And if it is, what are the principal things to consider? Lastly, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of trading on a forex VPS? 

In this guide, I will answer these questions so you can better understand the ins and outs of online forex trading on a VPS, and make a decision on whether or not you want to do it or not. Let’s go!

1- What is a VPS?

A VPS is a virtual private server. This server is virtually created by resources allocated from a virtual machine, which itself is derived from a central hardware location. VPS is inherently flexible and has a high uptime due to the fact that damaged or faulty resources can immediately be replaced. Essentially, a VPS works like a remote computer or server that can be accessed via a connection protocol and used to perform any task that you do with your own computer.

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2- What to Consider When Choosing a VPS for Trading

The most important stuff to consider when considering a VPS provider for their trading package is the security of the server. If your trading server is in any way compromised, then chances are your financial information and data will be stolen and used to bring about huge financial losses. So make sure to thoroughly vet the provider regarding their security. 

The second most important factor is the quality of the connection. Often when trading, prices change in an instant, and when you place an order to buy or sell you want the server to instantly perform it. So make sure the connection is stable and latency is low.

3- VPS + Forex Robot – Ultimate Trading Solution

Trading requires a lot of technical ability to be profitable. Not everyone has the means of becoming technically proficient, so in recent years with the advent of trading bots, many people instead choose to operate these bots in order to generate passive income. The problem with these bots is that they need to run all day and will occupy your own computer. So a common solution is to host these bots on a VPS server and let it run 24/7 in order to make profits. If you are a beginner who’s just learning the ropes, this is the ultimate trading solution.

4- Bot Trading Advantages

There are three main advantages to using a bot trading operation. First is the fact that they are reliable in making more money than they cost, therefore they are a reliable way of making more than you spend as a form of passive income. The second critical advantage of trading bots is their ease of use and the fact that they free up your time to pursue other interests. A bot can be set up with a strategy in no time and can be left to its own devices to make money and you don’t have to stare at charts all day.

Finally, the fact that a bot can trade all day, every day makes it incredibly more efficient at seizing proper trading opportunities compared to a human. 

5- Bot Trading Disadvantages

The most important disadvantage of a trading bot is the fact that it will potentially mishandle emergency cases. There’s a limit to how much technical proficiency can result in monetary gains before fundamental events and news cause the market to go through a wild upswing or downswing. A human is much more efficient during these times. So this means that some supervision over the bot is still needed.

Additionally, since bots may be pricey, you must ensure that your plan, configuration, and bot of choice are all working together to generate income for you. Beginners may find it challenging to understand these settings, but if they do not, they will lose money until they do. This means that even while these bots will absolve you of accountability, it will still take them some time and effort to get there.


Trading on a VPS is a great idea as it can enable you to do so with lower latency and improved security. You can also pair a VPS server with a reputable trading bot in order to go for maximum efficiency as a beginner trader. Be careful not to neglect security!

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