Should teenagers be having cosmetic enhancement procedures?

When we hear about a cosmetic enhancement or cosmetic procedure, we automatically think of regaining our youthful glow back and mostly done by older women. But in this day and age of social media and selfies, cosmetic enhancement has become more popular. And when it comes to the subject of teenagers, especially those below 18 years of age, getting a cosmetic enhancement, it tends to become contentious. Although parental consent is required, the responsibility falls to the parents to help in making an informed and right decision.

Of course, not all teens want to undergo cosmetic enhancement, but there are some who are interested in getting some enhancement for various reasons and commonly it is because they are self-conscious about their physical appearance. Based on a study conducted, teenagers’ perspective of cosmetic enhancement is different from that of adults: teenagers’ viewpoint is to fit in and be accepted by peers and friends. While adults are a way of shining out from the rest of the crowd.

Sadly, there are studies that show one of the reasons why teenagers get interested in cosmetic enhancement is because of being bullied about their appearance and this resulted in poor psychological functioning and increased their desire in getting  Cheek Filler Treatment.

One of the worries about teens and cosmetic enhancement is that their bodies are still developing. Their body and physical features will still improve regardless if they undergo any procedures and this likely affects the desire or need to have cheek filler injections.

Who gets to decide?

Because of the influence, convincing and widespread television and social media advertisement about make-overs, it triggers the demand for cosmetic procedures for both adults and teens.

Ideally, informed consent would allow the teen and their parents to decide carefully and come up with a decision on what is best for their children. However, it has been hard for the medical practitioner to advise both parents and patients about both risks and benefits of a Cheek Fillers Melbourne or any cosmetic enhancement procedure performed on developing bodies that have not reached maturation. Although parental consent is required for those under 18 years old, it does not ensure informed consent. Since most of the teens likely pay little to no attention to the risk may it be a surgical procedure or Cheek Fillers.

What procedure to choose?

  • Reconstructive Surgery – this procedure is more of medical reason – those defects that hinder the ability to function normally.  It fixes defects that you were born with, defects that were caused by disease or by injury and accident.
  • Cosmetic Surgery – this procedure deals more with altering parts of the body aesthetically either through surgery or nonsurgical.

There is no doubt that getting reconstructive surgery can really benefit both adults and teenagers. A teenager getting a surgical procedure that can correct her or his cleft palate and lips will not cause any controversial issues. It is then the difference starts when constant pressures on teens to fit into the ”beauty standards” makes it in question the desire to improve one’s appearance.

Guiding factors if your teens want to have cosmetic enhancement 

As with everything, there are right and wrong intentions to get Cheek Fillers or any cosmetic enhancement. Here are a few screening factors to know if your teen is mature enough to make a decision in cosmetic enhancement.

  • Specific reason and realistic goal – must be very specific as to why a procedure is needed and must be able to voice out the specific concern and realistic outcome from it. It would be satisfactory to ask if getting the procedure is for ownself or because to please others.
  • Shows maturity and understands what is involved in the procedure- must understand not just the procedure but also the risk and the limitations it involves especially that the body parts are still maturing and developing and be aware of the possible things that can go wrong in the future and must be willing to accept should it happen.
  • Patient consent – the idea or the interest in getting cosmetic enhancement must come from the child, it is not advisable for the parent to suggest a cosmetic enhancement to their child. It is understandable that some parents just want to protect their children from emotional harm. But if the child is not bothered by the specific body feature and did not request to have an enhancement then that child is not suitable for cosmetic enhancement.

In general, involvement of the parents/guardians of the teen is important as this helps in preventing mistakes and  fully understand in order to ensure the safety of the teen patient both physically and emotionally,

At SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors, our board-certified and experienced cosmetic doctors will help in guiding both parents and teen patients to be more informed in their decision and to have a realistic outcome.

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