Should you choose an Intensive Driving Course?

If you don’t want to spend months or perhaps years learning to drive, an intensive driving course could assist you to pass your test in under 2 weeks.

According to the DVSA, learner motorists need an average of 47 lessons before they pass their driving test. This can be expensive, which is why we’ve seen a boost in driving crash courses that enable you to learn in a far shorter period.

Our important guide tells you whatever you need to know about these intensive driving courses.

What is an intensive driving course?

Also described as a ‘refresher course’ or a “driving crash course”, an intensive driving course packs in all the training you require to pass your test in a shorter timeframe than normal.

You need to hold a provisional UK driving licence to take the course and, if you’re using your own car, you’ll need student driver insurance coverage. While you can often take both the theory and dry runs as part of the course, many driving schools will require you to have actually already passed your theory test and have the ability to demonstrate a fundamental level of ability.

You can do the training in your local area or take a property course where you keep away from house. If you ‘d choose something a little less severe, semi-intensive courses are also available that allow you to take time out while you pass your theory test.

What’s included with an intensive driving course?

Many courses will provide one-to-one tuition with a certified driving instructor. You’ll do the same training as you would with a longer series of standard driving lessons, although an intensive course can frequently be tailored to concentrate on the areas that you’re least comfy with. You’ll then get a fast-tracked dry run at the end of your knowing.

With a domestic course, you’ll participate in a training centre to be informed on the rules of the road and presented to your driving instructor who will deal with you throughout the week.

How long is an intensive driving course?

There are no unalterable rules on this, however intensive driving courses are usually provided in one or two-week durations. Since it’s such a short timeframe, you ought to anticipate to spend a minimum of five hours a day on the road.

If you have actually previously taken a couple of lessons and merely desire a refresher course ahead of a test, you might select a two-day course with just 10 hours of training. 

If you’re not sure how much training you need, your driving school should have the ability to offer you an evaluation to see which course would be best matched to you.

Also, driving test cancellations are not unheard of if you feel like you need to spend more time practicing; it’s always possible to reschedule and re-take the test on another day.

How much does an intensive driving course cost?

It’s worth weighing up weekly driving lessons compared to intensive driving lessons. See below a breakdown of this.

A one-day course is likely to cost around ₤ 200, however this is just ideal for somebody who requires a few hours’ practice before a test. A week-long course can cost in the region of ₤ 1,000, while a two-week course might be higher than that.

It might sound high, but when you think about that the average expense of a per hour driving lesson is ₤ 32, it might conserve you cash in the long run. If the typical person takes 47 lessons to learn to drive, most pay well over ₤ 1,000. Then there’s the cost of the theory and dry runs on top of that. 

Where can I take an intensive driving course?

Driving schools throughout the UK offer intensive courses, so you need to have the ability to discover one local to you. Constantly do your research prior to selecting which company to choose– don’t simply settle for the cheapest option. Look at the pass rate and check out evaluations.

Oftentimes, the trainer will be able to pick you up from your home or workplace and you’ll train on regional roads.

If you’re taking a property course to concentrate entirely on your driving with no distractions, you’ll participate in a training centre far from home and stay in a hotel or B&B overnight.

Is an intensive driving course right for me?

Intensive training isn’t ideal for everybody. If you’ve never ever sat behind a steering wheel before, a five-day intensive course could be frustrating. It helps if you have actually currently mastered the basics of clutch, brake and guiding control.

You’re likely to be driving for a minimum of 5 hours a day for 5 days a row, which can be extremely strenuous. You may likewise feel under pressure to pass your test first time to get the best worth for cash.

If you’re great at managing stressful scenarios or just want to brush up your abilities, intensive driving courses can work for you.

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