Show Your Dog Some Love with Wholesome Ingredients

In an ideal world, all ingredients are wholesome ingredients good for building and maintaining the health of both people and their dogs. Sadly, however, the world we live in today is far from ideal. Many manufacturers today take shortcuts designed to increase profits, but not necessarily to benefit you or your dog. Dogs cannot read labels the way their owners can.

Your Dog Depends on You

Long ago, their ancestors, perhaps, living in the wild, had the freshest and most organic they could hunt or otherwise procure for themselves. Still, today’s dogs rely entirely on their owners to read labels for them. This is to screen out non-healthy ingredients from the products they consume. 

Much attention, rightfully so, has been given to the ingredients of canine dietary products. While what a dog consumes in its diet is essential, so is the purity of the components of other products the dog’s owner chooses to use in their capacity as the dog’s caregiver. For example, questions about pesticide use for flea control tend to keep some concerned owners up at night. Nobody wants the potentially harmful risks of pesticide use, but neither do they want fleas.

It takes work and study, and commitment to discover an ethical workaround. Commitment to the health of the consumers of a product should always rank high in importance and certainly should come before profits. It is certainly possible to produce products made from quality ingredients. while making a profit. 

Why It’s Important to Support Independent Producers

It is often refreshing to find an independent producer of dog-related products. Such small producers are often a boon to dog owners everywhere. Typically, small producers sell in their local area and online. They usually became small manufacturers because they started making what they couldn’t find for themselves to purchase.

Organic and natural products are often harder to source. These smaller producers create products like tasty all-natural dog treats, additive-free canine toothpaste, or even a foot salve using all organic ingredients. When people support these small, independent businesses, they help others like themselves, people passionate about living as naturally and wholesomely as possible in all areas of life.

Many times, it is this independent creator of quality consumables that ends up educating those who become customers. The local provider becomes a resource of information and knowledge. Many people are just beginning to realize the difference it makes to deliberately consume safe, organic products while avoiding as many chemical contaminants, pesticide residues, and genetically modified products as possible.

Every Decision Makes a Difference

Upon completing this effort, people often discover that they feel better than they’ve felt in years. These people often buy products for their canine companions using the same principles as a guide. They find that their dogs enjoy a surge of positive good health as well. 

We do not always live in a perfect world, but one thing is sure. When even one person takes the trouble to go the extra mile and find products created from wholesome and health-sustaining organic ingredients, they make a difference. They make a difference not only to themselves or the dog they have in their care but to society at large as well.

There is a collective tipping point to be achieved the day more people care about these ethical and health-related issues than not. The day will come when the businesses that cared only for profits will wake up to find their customer base has quietly evaporated. Where did it go? Into the pockets of those willing to fulfill the genuine need for trustworthy consumables.

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