The 5 side-effects of hemp oil

Hemp oil is one of the most useful organic products which is obtained by compressing the hemp plant. Since the hemp plant is grown on an industrial basis, it has been modified in such a way that it doesn’t give any feeling of high because it has a negligible amount of THC which is responsible for giving people a psychoactive effect.

The very beneficial hemp oil is used in treating various kinds of ailments like depression, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Although there is no solid proof of hemp oil treating these ailments, still many research and tests are being conducted to know proof that the magical hemp oil can treat multiple ailments much efficiently than any other medication. But anything in the world is not perfect and the same goes for the advantageous hemp oil. There are couples of side-effects of hemp oil too and before using hemp oil, you should be well aware of them.

Under intense heat, it can be harmful

You might be thinking that your hemp oil is almost perfect and doesn’t have any side-effect but if you will use the hemp oil under intense heat then it can produce a harmful chemical known as peroxide. This chemical is very dangerous for both your body and skin and therefore, you should never heat the hemp oil above 121 degrees F. You should also never store your hemp oil in direct sunlight as this can hamper the quality of hemp oil which can have an adverse effect on your body.

May cause digestive problems

It might be surprising to you but consuming hemp oil can hamper your digestive system and if you have bowel movement disorder then it can also cause chronic diarrhea. This doesn’t apply if you are vaping the hemp oil but if you are taking it in an edible form then it might cause trouble to your digestion.  Before starting to consume hemp oil, you should always consult your doctor otherwise you may feel the side-effects of hemp oil.

Can trigger the feeling of being high for some people

It is has been proved that the amount of THC found in the hemp oil is not enough to give you any type of psychoactive effect but still some people can have this feeling and especially if they are very sensitive. People who are over sensitive to even minor amount of THC may hallucinate and suffer anxiety after consuming hemp oil.

It may lead to blood clotting

Hemp oil has a direct effect on the working of anticoagulants and blood platelets and that’s why in some cases, they can stop the production of both of them. If your body will stop producing platelets then your blood clotting process will be hampered and therefore, if anyone has issues with blood clotting then they shouldn’t consume hemp oil without consulting the doctor.

Some other side-effects of Hemp oil

Along with the above-mentioned side-effects of the magical hemp oil, you may also feel the change in appetite, change in mood, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, and vomiting after consuming the hemp oil.

You should always consult your doctor before consuming and avoiding having to experience any of these side-effects. As doctors can tell you that people with different conditions may have to take hemp oil differently.

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