Signs and superstitions in gambling

Games of chance

Casino players and gambling enthusiasts are probably the most superstitious people. If there are any means or rituals to increase the chances of winning before or during a casino game, real players know them, find them and try their luck on it! You can choose from horoscopes, psychology, Feng Shui, numerology and talismans in the form of jewelry, clothing, or other items. Numerous promising rituals before the game are also very popular. The main thing is always that in the end you can positively influence your luck and win at the best non gamstop casinos. Ideally, superstition can even lead to a streak of good luck.
Many casino visitors carefully analyze whether superstitions and rituals have influenced success. In particular, an unforgettable gaming experience – a long drought or a grand victory-affects every player in his belief in the effectiveness of these measures of assistance. We carefully observe what was decisive for this event, and then we consider it again for the next round of the game. In the case of a negative experience, all negative factors are excluded, if possible, in order to make a profit again in the future.
The results of many surveys claim that more than 80% of all ordinary players are superstitious and follow a certain ritual during the game. Some of these habits were even passed down from generation to generation, either to positively influence fate or to get rid of everything that could bring bad luck. But the most important thing is to believe that there will be a profit in the end.
Thus, rituals, talismans, and horoscopes can help strengthen the self-confidence of a casino visitor and allow him to enter the game more calmly. The opinion of third parties is relatively irrelevant, as long as there is a profit due to superstitions. Rituals and talismans are used and used both in land-based and online casinos, only the way they are used may differ.
Since there are dozens of forms of superstition in gambling, below we have collected our favorites that are used by players around the world in slot machines,bookies not signed up to gamstop or table games. Most of them revolve around the behavior of the casino, the preferences of numbers, and colors. You can also recognize one or two habits while reading.

Behaviors and rituals

According to superstition, the behavior of a casino visitor at the table or in a slot machine greatly affects luck, and even the smallest offense can bring bad luck for the entire session. In some cases, this applies not only to the player himself but also to all other participants. Therefore, in order not to challenge your fate, but to influence it as positively as possible, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Whistling or singing at the table is definitely undesirable and provokes failure. Therefore, it should be avoided at all costs.
  • It is believed that crossing legs or fingers, as well as crossing hands, excludes luck and is not welcome at the casino table.
  • According to a Chinese proverb, talking about books and reading books on the topic of gambling and touching the shoulders of other participants during the game are not allowed
  • If possible, you should not interrupt the players during a successful series, including touching them or talking to them.
  • Counting money at the casino table is bad form and has negative consequences. There is no profit from this behavior yet.
  • On the other hand, blowing playing cards or dice at the beginning of the game should bring good luck.
  • If a beautiful woman is present, according to superstition, she increases the chances of winning by allowing her to play dice.
  • Lending money to other players is not a good sign and only brings bad luck.

Many players leave the table after they have placed a bet, and the game starts, so as not to see what is happening. It is also customary to close the slot screen or close your eyes during the rotation of the machine.

Magic numbers

The number eight, especially in Asia, is considered a good luck charm, since the Chinese word for ” eight “sounds the same as the word”prosperity”. The numbers six and nine are also positive. Therefore, it is often possible to observe a combination of these two numbers with the number eight. On the other hand, four does not bode well, since it resembles the sound of the word “death”.
As in everyday life in many cultures, casinos avoid the number thirteen. Whether the 13th floor of the hotel is missing in the casino or the corresponding rooms with this number are not indicated.
50 banknotes are also not welcome by players and, consequently, they must bring bad luck. The origin of this superstition is not entirely clear: allegedly in the old days, gangsters carried 50-dollar bills of their victims as a trophy.

The role of color in winning clothes

Red is a must when visiting a casino, especially for Asian players, and is an absolute guarantee of good luck and success in their game. This ritual comes from Chinese superstitions, and is also reflected in the game world. Red color can be worn as underwear, as a breast scarf or as a shirt. In Chinese, red means happiness and joy, and, after all, everyone in the casino would like these comrades to be around.

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