Signs That Is Time To Replace Your Roofing System


How do you tell when it is time to start repairing your old roofing system? For most people, repairing a roof becomes necessary only when they want to resale their property. However, that is not how it should be considering that installing a new roof can enhance the property’s appearance.

Moreover, failing to repair your roofing system at the right time may damage the fundamental structures of a property. Therefore, once you realize that your roofing system requires the attention of a professional roofer, the best thing to do is to call one before it is too late. Here are the signs that you need a new roof.

Visible Leaks

Whether you are looking at a residential or commercial building, leaks can cause a lot of losses and hence the need to prevent them as much as you can. While some leaks can be prevented through simple repairs, the truth is that some will need complete removal of the old roofing system and replacing it with a new one. Residential or commercial roof repair Houston involves inspecting the roof, identifying issues, and addressing them to ensure the roof’s integrity and functionality.

Interestingly, putting a new roof plays a significant role in enhancing the appearance of a property.

With time, the old roofing materials weaken, allowing water to seep through into the house. Delaying to rectify the situation may see you spend a lot of money in rectifying the entire structure. If there are multiple leaks in your property, the best thing you can do is replace the roof.

Interior Water Damage

Sometimes people do not realize that it is time to rectify their roofing system because they do not realize that they have the problem. For instance, if you start observing stains, or water sports on the walls or the ceiling, that is a communication that there is a problem with your roofing system. In such situations, you may find it challenging to diagnose the problem on your own. Hiring a professional roofer for consultation will help face the challenge in a better way.

Missing or Mossy Shingles

Another sign that your old roofing system requires replacement is when you spot problems with your shingles. For instance, missing, curling, or mossy shingles is an indication that your shingles are giving up and the most honorable step for you to take is to replace them.

Other common indications of shingles damage include cracked shingles, missing granules, skylights, loose or missing shingles, and algae growth.  Anyone would easily agree that shingles with the above characteristics are not worth keeping.

A Sagging Roofline

A sagging roofline is a clear indication that your roofing system needs the attention of a professional. Typically, rooflines are straight and strong. Anything less than that means you need to do something before the impact is transferred to the rest of the structures.

In some cases, if you do not rectify the situation fast, it might worsen and cost you a lot of money. Also, it would be best if you remembered that not every roofing contractor is suitable for a roof replacement; some are after your money, and these are the people you need to avoid.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is common and can be the reason for roof replacement. Unfortunately, many property owners tend to ignore some of the damages inflicted by storms until such a time that the problem gets bigger and more complex.

After storm damage, even if the signs are not visible, it is a good idea to call a professional roofer to inspect your property. A professional roofer should be able to advise you on the next course of action. Further, failing to scrutinize the aftermath of storm damage may pose safety issues to the house’s occupants.

Unwanted House Plants

A roof that has endured many years of harsh weather will always have signs to show that it is old. One of them is the moss and other unwanted plants growing on the roof. Everyone will agree that unwanted plants growing on your roof will make your property less attractive, hence the need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Additionally, these plants could be a sign that it is time to replace your roofing system. If plants can grow on it, then it means that it is in a pathetic condition.

Need to Sell the Property

Lastly, if you are considering selling your property and want it to fetch good money, you may need to install a new roofing system. Installing a new roof will always enhance the appearance of a property and hence make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Also, if you realize that your neighbors have installed a new roofing system, you do not have to be the odd one out. Tip: remember to also prepare for roof replacement and remove things that could fall off your walls and secure fragile objects.

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