Silver Gold Bull Review: Changing the Precious Metals Game

Infomercials have long been touting why you should invest in gold and other precious metals. We get it. 

Why would we want to invest in something that was used in ancient civilizations? But maybe there’s a method to their madness–maybe they just need a better marketing team behind them. 

The truth is that these precious metals still have their place in modern times and can be a great way to diversify any portfolio. And Silver Gold Bull is a reputable, leading online platform that specializes in this trade.

But–there’s always a but–why should one invest in precious metals in the first place and why choose Silver Gold Bull over all other platforms on the market? In this Silver Gold Bull review, we will answer both of those questions.

What is Silver Gold Bull?

Silver Gold Bull is an online precious metals dealer that specializes in gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion products. The company offers coins, bars, rounds and other products from reputable mints and manufacturers around the world–including the Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint and US Mint.

Silver Gold Bull also offers storage services for investors who want to protect their precious metals investments without worrying about the storage and security of their assets. The company has facilities in multiple locations worldwide, including the United States, Canada and Singapore.

The company’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Investors can buy and sell precious metals products through the website, track their orders and check the current prices of various bullion products.

Why Silver Gold Bull?

Silver Gold Bull was launched in Calgary, Canada, in 2009 with a simple mission: innovate easy ways for investors to accumulate precious metals.

Since that time, the platform has secured a major presence in Canada and is now doing the same in the American market. 

Silver Gold Bull promotes building your wealth by the ounce by having three pillars to success:

  • Buy regularly
  • Buy the dips
  • Get your portfolio to 20% of pure gold and silver

In short, through a combination of high-quality products, online innovation and competitive pricing, Silver Gold Bull is combing e-commerce and precious metals to change the game in ways competitors like Acre Gold can’t.

Silver Gold Bull Review: The Features

Competitive Prices

Silver Gold Bull prices its products competitively compared to other precious metals dealers. 

The company offers low premiums over the spot price of precious metals, making it an attractive option for investors who want to acquire bullion products at reasonable prices.

Where Silver Gold Bull stands out, however, is it offers a price match guarantee. This saves you from choosing Money Metals Exchange just because it is cheaper.

Fast Shipping

Silver Gold Bull offers fast shipping on all orders, with most orders shipping within 24-48 hours. 

The company uses secure shipping methods to ensure that products arrive at their destinations safely and securely.

IRA Option

An IRA is one of the best ways to save for retirement–and this method is growing while the traditional 401(k) is declining. 

Adding precious metals to your IRA can be a great way to strengthen it by providing a hedge against the rest of your portfolio. Stocks and bonds can fluctuate but tangible assets always hold value. 

International Shipping

Silver Gold Bull ships its products worldwide–something JM Bullion doesn’t do–making it an attractive option for international investors.

The company also offers multiple payment options, including credit cards, Paypal, checks, bank wire transfers and cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to purchase precious metals products easily and securely.

Transparent Pricing

Silver Gold Bull is transparent in its pricing. The company’s website displays current prices for all of its products, including their spot prices, premiums and total prices. 

This level of transparency gives investors peace of mind, as they know they are getting a fair price for their bullion products.

Silver Gold Bull Areas of Improvement

Limited Payment Options

While Silver Gold Bull offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards, bank wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies, it does not accept personal checks or money orders. This may be a disadvantage for some investors who prefer to pay with these methods.

No Buyback Guarantee

Silver Gold Bull does not offer a buyback guarantee for its products. This means that investors who want to sell their bullion products may need to find a different dealer to buy back their products, which may result in additional expenses.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Several factors contribute to the increased desire to invest in precious metals today, along with why they have always been a fallback. Here are a couple:

  • Financial concerns – When financial institutions are viewed as questionable or unstable–what better time than now to say this–investors have opted for precious metals as a safe store of value.
  • Inflation – Another timely concern, when investors start to see stock, bond, equity or real estate markets in the negative, they tend to flock to gold and silver as assets that maintain value. 

The Bottom Line

Silver Gold Bull is a reputable and reliable precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of products at competitive prices. 

The company’s fast shipping, international shipping and transparent pricing make it an attractive option for investors who want to acquire precious metals for investment or collection purposes.

If you believe Silver Gold Bull may be for you, click here to get started.