Simplifying the World of Cybersecurity through Machine Learning

Machine learning was a great step that helped advance the world of technology. However, what people couldn’t have fathomed at that time was that this same machine learning would help pave the world of cyber security too.

When discussing machine learning linked with cyber security, the question arises of how a machine will enable or alert you about threats to data or other cyber concerns. The mechanism is not confusing and like any regular machine learning. The machine learning technology will be fed algorithms based on statistical analysis and previous datasets, enabling machine learning to make assumptions or create results about a computer’s behavior.

Based on these results, the computers can then change or alter its action and alert the users that something might be wrong. This machine learning often enables the computer to fix many errors.

A Great Example

The idea behind bloomed from the massive eruption of cybercrimes around the tech world’s big names. Back in 2021, when huge names like Microsoft, LinkedIn, and even Facebook started facing massive breaches in privacy, the need for an exceptional security force despite the ones they already had occurred. Hence, came into existence. This company is founded by two amazing people Pramod Misra and Neha Tiwari. Pramod Misra is a data science and machine learning expert . Neha Tiwari is an expert in privacy and software development. They got selected into CreateX ( Georgia Tech incubator program) , Google cloud for startups,AWS for startups and Microsoft for startups is working towards ensuring that its services to its users are top-notch and that all its customers are always satisfied. With budget-friendly prices, provides the best services to all its users and provides opportunities you will not find anywhere else. Apart from this, the company’s defining principles incline many users to choose it too. Here are a few of them:

  • NIST Software Supply Chain is equipped with advanced NIST frameworks, which help companies find gaps/dependencies in their existing software code /tools and fix any loopholes that can later become a reason for cyberattacks. No matter whether the cybersecurity risk is because of accidental or supply chain compromise, with, you can eliminate it from the root.

  • Priority to Customer’s Problem

The company understands that every customer comes in with different problems requiring a different solution. Hence, instead of using the same tools and methods to protect and secure data and networks on multiple systems, will access each problem individually.

The occurring problems, malware, or cybersecurity issue will then be fixed based on all the existing tools and ecosystems present.

  • Simple Solutions at Affordable Prices

The company believes in producing simple solutions that can be executed for its customers. Hence, while their first line of defence is always protecting your system before any malware surpasses it, providing simple solutions in case of a mishap is their next best trait.

Moreover, believes in providing the best results at affordable prices. Hence, not only is their service impeccable, but it would suit your pockets too.

  • Works on All Kinds of Data

One of the worst things that can happen when someone picks up a service is learning later that it only supports some specific data type. Well, with, you do not have to worry about all this.

The service provider works with all kinds of data. This means that no matter what type of data you are trying to protect, what the size of your file is, or how complex some of the documents can be – will work towards ensuring that everything remains protected.

  • No Data is Collected

While many consumers love that several security companies protect their data from hackers, they don’t like the company storing their data on a separate server or local instance.

This is precisely where sets itself apart from the many famous names in its workforce.

With, users will not have to worry about their data. The company will ensure that your data remains secure from hackers while also promising a no-data collection policy from their side.

These several benefits set apart from the many other competitors in the market, making the service one of the best and most promising companies.


Concerned about the cybersecurity of your newly launched company or a well-developed one? Enhancing data security is an essential aspect that all companies need to consider. If you are considering getting a fool-proof cybersecurity and data protection service, check out and use its fantastic services.

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