Simply Wall St Review

Simply Wall St is a comprehensive stock research platform designed for retail investors. Simply Wall St’s platform gives its customers access to any public company’s historical performance data, company reports, and a stock research report.

1. A high-level Simply Wall St review

The key question you’re probably asking and want to be answered from a Simply Wall St review is, will it help me make money buying and selling stocks? Although Simply Wall St won’t tell you what to buy and not buy, it does offer helpful tools to make an informed decision.

These tools include:

  • Stock research reports: Including information about the company’s finances, a risk analysis, and investment recommendations.
  • Historical performance data: This goes over the company’s revenue growth, earnings per share if it pays a dividend, and other key metrics that might be useful for a potential investor.
  • Company reports: Simply Wall St’s reports give a view of the company’s financial health, its business model, and its competitive landscape.
  • In-depth stock analysis: For customers that go with a premium or unlimited plan, they’re given access to more in-depth analysis and personalized portfolio recommendations in-line with their targets.
  • Insider transaction tracking: Not to be confused with insider trading, insider transaction tracking lets users see how people within a company manage their shares.

2. How does Simply Wall St compare to other platforms?

Today there are quite a few market report platforms on the market, including Seeking Alpha and Morningstar. The thing that separates Simply Wall St is its simplicity, making tracking stock market prices and understanding different stocks easy for its users.

Simply Wall St also comes in at a far more affordable monthly price than many of its competitors, including a free tier for users to play around on the platform without any commitment.

3. Subscription tiers

Although Simply Wall St is mostly targeted at retail investors, it offers upgraded services that appeal even to institutional investors. Like most platforms in the space, different price points unlock different features for users.

  • Free: $0/month – Gives users access to stock research reports, historical performance data, and company reports, limited to 5 stocks a month.
  • Premium: $10/month – Unlocks personalized portfolio recommendations and alerts for key events, limited to 30 stocks a month.
  • Unlimited: $20/month – Includes everything from the free and premium tier while giving unlimited access to stock research reports and the option to track unlimited stocks. 

If users bill yearly instead of monthly, they also benefit from an additional discount. Reducing the premium plans cost to $6/month and the unlimited to $12/month.

4. What tier fits my needs?

Depending on your specific needs and level of investing, Simply Wall St has an appropriate tier to fit your needs. If you’re new to stock trading the free version of Simply Wall St will probably fit your needs. However, if you’re an advanced investor or looking to build a serious portfolio the premium and unlimited membership options are probably more appropriate for you.

5. Is Simply Wall St trustworthy?

The company was founded in 2014 and has been a key tool for many investors ever since. Interestingly unlike many other companies with a subscription model, Simply Wall St’s price across it’s tiers have decreased as its user base has grown.

With over 5 million registered users, Simply Wall St is a very popular tool amongst investors of all kinds. Many users find its ability to help visualize data a useful feature.

Outside of the number of registered users it has, Simply Wall St has also been reviewed multiple times including a Simply Wall St 2023 review and a Simply Wall St is it worth review from 2021.

6. Can I cancel my membership?

Like other subscription services, cancellation is possible at any time. Simply Wall St does not disclose if partial refunds are available if cancellation occurs for yearly purchases. Simply Wall St also does offer a free trial for all of its membership tiers.

7. Can I trade stocks on the platform?

Unfortunately, right now Simply Wall St does not let you trade or purchase stocks on the platform. The platform is instead structured to help customers better understand potential stock purchases and sales conducted on other platforms or through a broker.

8. Should I use Simply Wall St?

If you’re looking to start investing in the stock market and don’t know where to begin or if you’re an experienced investor looking for a straightforward stock look-up tool, Simply Wall St is hard to beat. It comes in at a far lower price point than many of its competitors, without sacrificing much. It also comes with the added benefit of complete portfolio tracking if you go with the unlimited plan. 

If after reading this Simply Wall St review, you’re interested in starting a subscription with Simply Wall St you can click here to start getting full research reports today and start building up your short and long-term portfolio.

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