Six Reasons To Get A Personal Loan For Emergencies

Life is filled with unexpected emergencies that arrive unannounced. In case of such emergencies, you have to look for financial support. And to deal with financial emergencies, individuals opt for a Personal Loan which is essentially an instant loan. So, what is a Personal Loan? A Personal Loan is money that you borrow from a financial institution (bank or NBFC) for personal usage. Features such as no collateral requirement and minimal documentation make it one of the most favourable options for borrowers.  

Over the years, there have been a lot of changes in the terms of usage of a Personal Loan. With various lenders including banks and new-age NBFCs, availing of a Personal Loan is easy and quick. One of the major factors that have helped lenders to provide quick Personal Loans is the arrival of digitalisation. It has opened many doors for borrowers. Borrowers now have the privilege of opting for an online Personal Loan.

The following is a list of reasons why you should opt for a Personal Loan for urgent requirements and emergencies:

  • Medical emergencies

Medical expenses are heavy on the pocket especially when you have to deal with critical medication. The fact that you can’t plan your medical emergencies is one of the major reasons why a Personal Loan is required. Personal Loan allows the borrower to deal with any medical emergencies better. Generally, people rely on their savings to deal with any medical situations, but it doesn’t help the majority of the time. Also, in such cases, there is huge pressure on a single person in the household. Opting for an instant loan will help you tackle medical emergencies without impacting your savings and budget. 

  • Wedding expenses

India is known for big fat weddings where the families involved don’t think much while they are spending. There are various expenses during a wedding which includes the wedding venue, professional photographers, transportation cost, clothes, food and other expenses. Also, there are additional expenses which can’t be tracked properly. A Personal Loan for a wedding helps you cover all the expenses without impacting your finances. 

  • Vacation 

While you are planning for your dream vacation, it is important to know all the required expenses. Whether you are planning a vacation in India or abroad, financial planning is a must. There are high chances that there are additional requirements of funds and in such a situation, a Personal Loan helps to deal with them without burdening your cash flows. It is advised that you must opt for a Personal Loan to meet any financial requirements, especially on your dream trip.

  • Home renovation 

While you are waiting for that right moment to renovate your house or adding up saving for renovation – a Personal Loan is the best option available to you. With an instant loan, you get additional funds instantly without any hassle. There is no end usage restriction on a Personal Loan which allows you to rebuild your home without any worries. A borrower with a good credit score will be able to get a high loan amount with a lower interest rate. Also, home renovation requires a high amount, and you might not be able to afford to spend such a huge amount at once. Hence, opting for a Personal Loan makes your home renovation much more affordable and convenient. 

  • Higher Education 

Education is quite expensive with all the additional expenses. However, education loan comes with a lot of restrictions and specifications. With such restrictions, it takes years for the borrowers to repay the loan. On the other hand, a Personal Loan has no restriction on usage, and you can avail of a Personal Loan for a short period with a lower interest rate.  You need to just meet personal loan eligibility.

  • Consolidating Debts 

Today, it is quite common that you have multiple loans and paying interest for all the loans can be an overwhelming experience. Tracking and managing all the EMIs with the remaining principal amount is not an easy task. In such a scenario, opting for a Personal Loan to consolidate your debts is an excellent solution. By consolidating debts, all your EMIs are streamlined as you are paying all your EMIs with a single interest rate at the same time. It also helps in managing your finances and tracking expenses better. 


To conclude, a Personal Loan has no end usage restriction with makes it the best choice for all kinds of emergencies. With so many lenders in the market, you can choose the best lender with a lower interest rate. It is important to do your research before you apply for an online Personal Loan. It will help you get the best Personal Loan with a lower interest rate.

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