Skateboard Deck Buying Guide & Good Skateboard Deck Brands

On the market, there are various places selling complete skateboard decks and parts of a skateboard. Therefore, it is totally not difficult to buy a skateboard deck. Each skateboard deck has its own features. Now, let’s see what a skateboard deck looks like and what skateboarding stores skaters should visit if they want to buy top skateboard decks

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The construction of a skateboard deck

In general, the size of a skateboard deck having the shape of a popsicle is from 7.5 inches to 8.75 inches. In regard to mini boards, the skateboard deck size will rage from 7.3 inches or 7.4 inches. To some brands, an ideal size for a skateboard deck for the new players is 8 inches. 

Normally, the width size of a skateboard deck whose length is 31 inches is roughly 8.25 inches. And the skateboard deck will be larger if the length increases. 

In comparison with the length size, the width size of a skateboard deck is more significant. Therefore, you should look for a skateboard deck which the width is suitable to place your feet on. 

The tail is the back of a skateboard deck. The nose is the front of a skateboard deck. The concave is the both ends of the skateboard deck whose shape is like U. 

On the surface of a skateboard deck, skateboarding brands tend to decorate them with many amazing and modern graphics. With modern printing technology, the graphic or images on the skateboard deck can last long. Some skateboarding brands print their logo on the surface. If you want to have a skateboard with a friendly-budget price, you can opt for a blank skateboard deck. 

Skateboarding brands you can find top skateboard decks

The first brand is Element skateboards. The founder of this skateboarding brand is Johnny Schillereff. The brand was first found in 1992. Along with Johnny, there is a team of excellent skateboarders, are Nick Garcia, Brandon Westgate, and more, work together to make high-quality skateboard decks. Besides, the Element sells other things relating to skateboarding, namely clothes and accessories. 

The next brand is Blind skateboards. The brand was launched in 1989 by Mark Gonzales, a pro skater with many years of skating. Their products are suitable for hardcore skaters. Like the Element, the Blind brand has a team of pro skaters working together. They are Yuto Horigome, Morgan Smith, Cody McEntire, TJ Rogers, and so on. 

The third brand is Santa Cruz skateboards. The brand is from Mexico. Santa Cruz was launched in 1973. The major material the brand uses to make is North American maple, The Santa Cruz is renowned for special graphic series, namely Marvel and Star Wars. 

The fourth brand is Almost skateboards, The Almost skateboards are distributed by Dwindle Distribution. It was established in 2003 by the two founders Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. The decks made from the brand tend to be the 7 ply, 8 ply carbon fiber. If you are looking for a skateboard whose vibe is cool and fun, the Almost brand is an ideal choice. 

The continuous brand is Flip skateboards. Founded in 1991, Flip skateboards have gained much recognition from the skateboarding lovers. Geoff Rowley and Jeremy Fox are the founders of the Flip. Both of them are American. In 2017, the brand became the partner of the HLC, a distribution company. Their desks are usually made of 7-ply maple. Features of the decks which make skaters love their products is the extra durability. 

Another name that I believe most skaters have heard the brand name before, Plan B skateboards. Mike Ternasky, Danny Way, and Colin McKay are the three founders of this brand. It was first established in 1991 and renewed in 2005. The deck of Plan B is thick and durable. The material the brand uses to make the deck is 7 ply maple. In addition, the brand offers various designs for graphics printed on the deck surface. They also produce accessories, such as wheels, trucks, and clothes for skaters. The team of Plan B includes excellent skaters, namely Chris Cole, Chris Joslin, Sean Sheffey, Ryan Sheckler, and the others. 

Above is the main information about the deck of a skateboard. If you want to know more about other parts of a skateboard, such as the bearings, the wheels, the trucks, and so on, or about how to do skating techniques in a proper way, let’s search SkateAdvisors, a website made for skateboarding lovers. 

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