Why Skores is the #1 Football Scores App

Whether you love the stadium, the atmosphere, the goals or the betting—you will find a football app life changing. No need to follow news sites to know which teams play next anymore. You can check pre-match analyses and get alerts when teams score.

Every football app is unique, but some are better than others. When it’s a matter of checking scores and prediction tips, one company comes at the top- Skores. Five million downloads and an average of 4.5 stars.  What makes it the best football scores app?

Simple, Beautiful Design

In sharp contrast to gaming apps, Skores is a simple but beautifully designed app. Teams are listed alphabetically. At the top are the dates. Click any date and you get a list of all the teams that played or will play on that day.

The minimalistic light blue color is calming rather than intrusive. Skores’ goal is to place focus on the teams and scores after all. Still, the overall appearance of the free app is inviting. It makes you want to check what’s in offer the moment you install it.

Games Galore

What’s more important in a scores app than game variety? Where one app provides updates for ten games at a time, Skores provide dozens. From Argentina to England, the Champions League to nationals, you get updates every time a team scores.

Apart from football, Skores support rugby, Basketball, Tennis, hockey, and all other sports. For punters in particular, the app is all you need to get score updates as matches progress.

Besides updates, Skores is also a prediction app. Action-packed, you benefit from tabulated statistics, head-to-head pre-match commentaries and tips. Additionally, the live football app asks you to pick a team and get updates on the game’s outcomes.

Bespoke Features

Only interested in Skores for football alone? Pick your teams and the app will never disturb you with other alerts. Love American football? The app will update you on every game played in the US or Canada.

You can also favorite specific matches and Skores will give you live-updates of anything related to the game. From line-ups to goal updates, the top-rated app brings you the stadium atmosphere to your smartphone. Bespoke means that it is tailored to your specific needs.

Easy to Find Teams

More than a scores app, Skores is designed to be your companion. The games’ arrangement, including the number of matches and live games, makes it easy to sort things out. Whether you want to search for a live game or find out what games will be played next, Skores is your guide.

While teams are displayed on the left side, the number of matches per country is displayed on the right. At every given date, you can easily find out how many football matches will be played in any country. You can check if there are live goals and goal updates.

If you’re only interested in scores, that feature lies on the menu section. Located at the far left corner, click scores and Skores displays all the countries with teams playing that day. Under each nation are the teams and goals scored. Additionally, you can find out the number of yellow and red per team.

It’s Free

Skores come free of charge and remains that way for life. Unless you want to remove ads, which aren’t obtrusive at all, you get all the fun with no money spent. Some apps charge you for expected services like live-updates. Skores takes a different approach.

Get sports updates from all the top leagues. Customize the app to your liking and pick favorite teams. And keep your money. That’s how sports app should work anyway. So, if you value your money and want to keep tabs with your favorite teams, Skores is an app worth selecting.

Tried and Tested

If you trust testimonials more than anything else, Skores’ ratings on iTunes and Google Play Store speak of its quality. Excellent is how most users describe the free app. With an average rating of 4.5/5 on both stores, the prediction app needs no more description.

Yet, the company behind the free app goes length and bounds to ensure your experience is splendid at all times. Lagging is not a term you will ever associate with Skores. Always up to date and no glitches experienced. But what’s settling is that among the 5 million people using the app, most of them like it.

The app’s only weakness is that it may inconvenience users who prefer top-flight matches at the top. Even then, it’s taken care of. Skores prioritizes countries with top flights depending on the games played that day. On a Tuesday Champions League night, the app displays the European competition above every other country. On a Sunday afternoon, the app prioritizes NFL matches if you prefer American Football.

Additional Features

As we had discussed, adverts don’t have to be a part of your Skores’ app experience. For $4 at the time of writing, you can experience the platform ads-free. Of course, that’s what everyone would want. But companies must pay bills in the end. Fortunately, the ads you come across on the app are few and placed at the very bottom. You don’t deal with popup ads that spoil your experience.

In-purchases aside, there are lots of features most scores’ apps can’t match. And you can customize them all. From the notifications you want popping up on your screen to how you want them sent; there is no one way to use Skores. Want alters vibrating or silent? Have your way. Don’t care about crucial videos related to matches? Turn the feature off.

Additional features a night mode if you hate phone screen light. If there are bugs on the app, Skores makes it easy for you to make a report. You can also contact them via email or social media networks. Their support team is professional and quick to help.

To Conclude

There are dozens of football apps on play stores. Few of them match what Skores offer. Prediction tips, match updates, and analyses are displayed on a single, easy to use platform. The app lets you take control with an array of setting capabilities. The app is free of charge and supports all the major leagues and teams.